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BlogHow do you continuously improve your business with ERP software?

12/08/2016 - Teun Arts

The implementation of the ERP system has been completed and the new system is fully operational. The job is done, right? That is what many companies believe. But in fact, the go-live of your ERP system is the starting signal for continuous improvement! Define sub goals During the ERP implementation, it is impossible to meet all wishes and requirements of the software. Therefore you focus on the most important goals. After the go-live, most of your processes should function properly and you should be able to directly benefit from the new system. You then define sub goals for further optimization of the software. Think for instance of refining a business process, automating a manual process or implementing an additional module or...

What is the ROI of my ERP system?

29/07/2016 - Remko Gaastra

When your company plans to make a large investment it is wise to calculate the return on investment. This will help you to take the right decision. But how should you do that with ERP software? Is it even possible to calculate the ROI? The costs It starts with calculating the costs of the ERP...

Beware, bots are taking over!

22/07/2016 - Joan Gaastra

A bot as a colleague or even as your boss; it may sound unreal, but it's really happening. Bots are rapidly becoming more and more important and are increasingly able to perform tasks that are normally performed by you and your (human) colleagues. What is a bot? A bot is software that is...

Prevent stress, use powerful financial management software

15/07/2016 - Hans Dewaide

Are your organization’s financial processes fully automated or do you still have to make progress on this? Microsoft Excel, legacy business systems, or (even worse) pen and paper limit your opportunities, take a lot of time, and perhaps most important of all, it brings you a lot of stress!...

Why industry knowledge is crucial for an ERP vendor

08/07/2016 - Terry Williams

When you sell cars you should know all about cars, so when you sell software you should know all about software, right? Not entirely. Of course a software vendor should know about IT, but when you sell ERP software that alone will not be enough. You should know all ins and outs of the industries...

When you choose for Microsoft’s ERP you choose for continuity

01/07/2016 - Philip van Kemenade

You buy an ERP system with the intention to make use of it for a long time. You want to create a basis for growth of your business of which you will benefit for many years. The continuity of your business is at stake, so the continuity of the ERP system and the ERP vendor are extremely important. Then choosing Microsoft’s ERP software is more than logical. The world's most popular ERP software More than 230,000 companies worldwide rely on a day to day basis on Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. With five different products, Microsoft offers a suitable solution for every organization. Below is the breakdown of the number of companies per Dynamics product. The figures are from 2015. Microsoft Dynamics AX: 20,000...


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