Rental & transportation

Rental & Transportation

Cope with the unpredictable

Cope with the unpredictable

Rental management software

Rentals require flexibility from any company. Our rental management software helps companies cope with the unpredictability of the rental industry and allows them to handle even the most complicated rental and transportation requests efficiently.

Fully integrable rental management software

Regardless of the choices made – rental or leasing, financial or operational lease, short-term or long-term – we can offer you the expertise to set up your rental and lease processes properly. You can set up your rates for any period of type and vary your pricing based upon the (type of) customer and (type of) product. The same goes for invoicing; we offer you complete flexibility in your to arrangements. No challenge is too difficult for our consultants when it comes to rental and lease.

Our rental management software module is a completely integrated part of our ERP solution. It interacts with all other processes and divisions, such as administration, invoicing, planning, CRM, fleet management, reporting, service, and inventory, which offers unique advantages to your organization. Any decision in the future will be based on complete information about your equipment and of course your customers.

Managing your rental fleet becomes easy with the accurate statistics and real time analysis tools we provide within our rental management software.

Managing your rental fleet becomes easy with the accurate statistics and real-time analysis tools we provide. You can view rental fleet information from an analysis of the cost of ownership or return on investment to aging analysis or utilization. You can look at these statistics by individual equipment, by a group of equipment or by fleet – anything is possible, it is just a matter of presenting the data to you.

Let us help you with our rental management software

We can and will help you with great pleasure, ‘flex’ your rental planning and ‘max’ your fleet utilization. Offering you the perfect solution for any rental request. Our extensive transportation module helps you get your equipment in the right place at the right time. Anywhere. Something that becomes even easier with our graphical planning board. Our rental management software & transportation functionalities are of course also available on any mobile device, which is very convenient for handling incoming and outgoing rental equipment and other objects. Ask our experts for a demo or contact us directly for more information about rental management software.

"We can and will help you with great pleasure, ‘flex’ your rental planning and ‘max’ your fleet utilization."




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