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Blog5 tips to better understand software demos

20/09/2019 - Ashley Harris

In a software demo, you try to find out how the product and the partner can contribute to your personal ambitions and the goals of your organization. If you simply sit back and listen, you will not get maximum value out of the demo. These are 5 tips to better understand software demos and to help you in your software selection process. 1. Be prepared Of course, you expect the software vendor to be well-prepared for the demo. But the audience should prepare for the demo as well! Make sure you have some knowledge about the software vendor, the product, the technology, the processes, the key features, references and so on. It will help you better understand what you are looking at during the demo and better understand the pros and cons of...

7 things you should know before you start to upgrade your ERP system

30/08/2019 - Teun Arts

Before you upgrade your ERP system to a new version, you need to have a clear understanding about a few things. Without a decent project plan, you might lose a lot of time and money and your company runs dangerous risks. These are 7 important things to keep in mind: 1. The objectives Why do you...

Maximize equipment service revenue with field service software

23/08/2019 - Arend Jan Boersma

Equipment dealers make more money on service and maintenance on machinery and equipment than on the initial sales. Margins on sales have come under pressure in recent years, while the revenues from service and maintenance contracts are becoming increasingly interesting. Thorough automation of the...

The opportunities of digitization for equipment dealerships

26/07/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

Digitization offers great opportunities for companies. Not only in the technology sector, but in many industries. Equipment dealers can stand out from the competition by making use of new possibilities. The possibilities for equipment dealers More and more houses are equipped with smart...

5 tips for the preparation of an ERP implementation

19/07/2019 - Remko Gaastra

Is your organization about to start the implementation of a new ERP system? Or an upgrade or re-implementation that will bring a lot of change? The impact of such a project on the organization is huge. Without proper preparation, your company runs a lot of risk! With these tips you increase the...

The benefits of D2V interfacing for equipment dealerships

12/07/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

Dealer-to-vendor (D2V) interfaces ensure an easy exchange of information between the ERP system of the equipment dealer and the system(s) of the vendor. Equipment dealers often gain back their investment in D2V interfacing quickly because it provides some important benefits. Examples of D2V interfacing In today's digital world, the possibilities to share information with others are endless. With D2V interfacing, your equipment dealership can exchange information with the manufacturer or vendor in a simple and secure way. This makes daily processes quick, easy and free of mistakes. A few examples: Sales Quotation Configurator Interface: After completing the equipment configurator on the manufacturer's website, you import the...


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