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Blog Effective communication with your partners, suppliers and customers

22/07/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Effective communication is of great importance for equipment dealers. With customers, potential customers, partners, resellers, equipment suppliers and parts suppliers. Automation can make that communication and collaboration a lot easier! Make sure you people can reach you and communicate pleasantly with you! Your traditional ways of communication must be in order. Accessibility, speed, expertise and friendliness have to be top notch. Office: Your office should be easy to reach. Online, the address should be instantly available. What is the impression on arrival? There must be sufficient parking space, the reception must be pleasant and you need a suitable meeting room. Telephone: It must be easy to reach out to your organization by...

Business consultants should give you a hard time

24/06/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

We all strive for working pleasantly together with our customers, partners and suppliers. That goes for the business consultants of your software partner as well. Do you ever clash with each other? Don't worry, that's a good sign! You are confronted with everything that is organized ineffectively...

6 ways to increase ERP implementation success

17/06/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

If you implement a new business system in your organization, you have a lot of impact on the success of the project. Do you want the implementation to be completed on time, within budget and within scope? With these 6 tips, your chance on success is a lot bigger! 1. Communicate with the...

5 things to consider when selecting a new DMS

03/06/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Are you thinking about selecting a new Dealer Management System? That is an important decision with a lot of impact! Here are 5 things to think about before taking a decision. 1. What are the costs (ALL costs!)? When you think of the costs of a new Dealer Management System, you quickly think of...

Efficient Parts Order Management

20/05/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Ordering parts is a challenge for all equipment management organizations. The right parts at the right time from the right supplier, so you can meet the needs of the entire organization. How do you organize that as efficiently as possible? Challenges in parts order management It sounds easy, order...

Challenge: timesheets of your service technicians

13/05/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Timesheet registration of service technicians should go quick and easy and not cause you too much concern. But how should you organize and automate this? It starts with the right (field) service management software Everything stands or falls with having the right tools to properly automate the timesheet registration of service technicians. Preferably as a fully integrated part of the service management software or, even better, as a fully integrated part of your dealer management system. You can read more about this in the blog '4 field service department automation rules’. Work with ‘statuses’ You can choose to register the timesheets using pre-defined statuses. That means your field service staff enters – on their laptop or...


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