Contract management

Contract management made easy

Contract management made easy

Contract management, powered by Dysel

If you are having a hard time managing your sales, service and rental contracts, our Contract Management module will be a relief. Manage individual agreements, unique conditions and all exceptions ever made in any deal, easily. As in any industry, the challenges in your industry will undoubtedly have an impact on your contract management.

Structure your agreements and conditions with contract management

Sales people will do anything to win a deal. Of course, it is what they’re hired for; however, it is your task to set boundaries and limit them to what they’re allowed to offer customers or agree upon. Still, you will have to deal with some specific agreements and conditions. Our consultants will help you structure agreements and set up the system accordingly.

With rental and lease, things become even more complicated. The unpredictability of equipment rental and lease makes it very difficult to manage your rental contracts successfully. Your customer might tell you they need the equipment for two weeks, then extend the period with a week and ultimately return the object after six weeks. Alternatively, equipment is returned way before the rental contract expires; which will affect your rental planning and invoicing. What you need is a system that deals with the flexibility and unpredictability of equipment rental. You also need a business consultant who knows your industry and understands processes to consult and help you manage these kinds of contract management issues.

In conjunction with, you must cope with service contracts. In your service level agreements, you include conditions and customer/ or product specific contracts. Your system should know how to deal with that. For instance, the first flat tire might be under warranty, but subsequent flat tires are not. Alternatively, when replacing the oil filter, you don’t invoice the time spent by your technicians, only the oil filter itself. We will help you straighten according to processes and set up your contract management correctly, our system will take care of the rest.

With our help, contract management will become fun instead of a struggle just because we know your business and made contract management our expertise.

Want to know more about contract management?

With our help, contract management will become fun instead of a struggle only because we know your business and made contract management our expertise. We see the equipment industry inside out and are aware of its challenges and anticipated that in the development and design of our software solutions. Call us for a demonstration!

"Structure all your agreements and conditions. From sales to rental & lease to service."




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