Service Management

Smoothly and efficiently organized

Smoothly and efficiently organized

Service management software

A service department is one of the most tangible and critical divisions of an organization. A department which should run efficiently and smoothly. Everything that helps you to build your (brand) reputation. Something we at Dysel can help you with by organizing your service department, optimizing processes and providing you with the right tools to handle operations successfully, all with state-of-the-art service management software.

Service management software at the center of your organization

With your equipment at the heart of our ELC solutions, connected to all departments, your service department finally will have all the necessary information needed in one overview. Locations, contracts, photos, value, history, configuration; it’s all there. However, all other departments within your organization will also have access to this information. Only because we organized all data in one central data-storage solution in which equipment is the heart of the system. Maintenance schedules can be set up per apparatus, object or model. Even the most complex service contracts with price indexing, invoicing arrangements, special rates, and conditions, and more can be created and easily managed. Job codes for the system to handle a flat rate also provided for resource time and materials used.

In one complete overview, everybody can find planning, monitor the project statuses, check work-in-progress and easily assign new work orders.

Providing your clients with one hundred percent service

All service jobs are organized and handled using one single system. With direct access to all information needed by technicians, including a complete service history. Whether it’s about preventative maintenance, intervention service jobs, inspections, meter readings, checklists, etc. Technicians can entirely focus on their primary and core task: providing clients with one hundred percent service. With our mobile field service software, technicians register what they had to do, time spent and (spare) parts used.

So no more administrative work in the evening or bringing a pile of paper reports into the office by the end of the week. Work orders are processed fast and efficiently, which directly results in cost savings, improved customer service, efficient inventory management and direct invoicing.

State-of-the-art service management software

Our service management software provides service planners with graphical dispatch boards; they have real-time connectivity to the mobile field service application. In one complete overview, everybody can find planning, monitor the project statuses, check work-in-progress, and easily assign new work orders. Also, your clients? They can also access the system via a portal that we primarily have created for them. A customer portal that allows them to schedule visits, check the service history, order spare parts, and newly scheduled service visits. Also, they can check invoices and equipment guarantees/warrants.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about what our service management software can do for your business? Let us know, at Dysel, we’ll tell you all about it.

"Technicians working on a digital service solution spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on service & maintenance jobs."