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Blog8 benefits of using ERP software

11/06/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Not sure if your organization benefits from using ERP software? Or do you already work with an ERP system and are you wondering what the advantages are? Here are eight benefits you can expect:   1. Increase In Productivity: ERP software helps you to be more productive. Outdated systems can slow you down and hinder you in many ways. Moving to a new ERP system, based on modern technology, can give you a productivity boost.   2. Integrated Information: Even with an ERP system in place already, the information in your organization can be fragmented. It can be stored in supporting systems, Excel sheets, on paper or in the heads of your people. A new ERP system can help you centralize and organize all information. 3. Real-time Information:...

3 tips to make your rental department more profitable

04/06/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Most equipment dealers have realized that trend in renting equipment has increased significantly in the past few years and is still growing at a drastic rate. So, the big question arises: “Are you geared up for riding this new wave and increase your profitability?” This is how traditional or...

4 major challenges for equipment dealers

28/05/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Although each equipment dealership is unique and has its own challenges, there are much similarities in the industry as well. These are 4 important challenges faced by every equipment dealership. 1. Keeping up with the latest Technology Dealers tend to keep using OLD technology and this creates...

This is why you need industry-specific ERP software

21/05/2021 - Willem Talbot

A sector specific ERP-system focuses on the unique needs and critical functionality for companies in a given sector. A generic ERP solution can work, but a sector specific ERP-system offers an understanding of the business that’s already built in. You need specialists If you want effective...

The Graphical Dispatch Board: a blessing for the service department

07/05/2021 - Arend Jan Boersma

Efficient service planning is of great value to equipment dealers. Planning and carrying out maintenance, repairs and inspections on objects becomes much easier with a Graphical Dispatch Board. Does your organization already a GDB? Work more pleasant with a visual representation of the service...

4 signs that your organization is ready for an ERP system

30/04/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

How do you know if your organization is ready for ERP software? This differs per industry and per company, but these are 4 clear signs that your organization will benefit from an Enterprise Resource System. 1. The organization is growing rapidly The size of your company does not tell you everything when it comes to the need for ERP. You can be with a handful of employees and work with ERP or be with many people without having the need for an ERP system. But if you grow as an organization in terms of business, revenues and employees, you will eventually come to a point where an ERP system provides added value or even becomes a must-have. The service department can no longer do its planning on paper or in Excel, the rental fleet is too big...


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