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BlogEquipment dealers, keep your customer happy!

18/03/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Attracting new customers is a top priority for many companies. Also in the equipment management industry. Yet it is advisable to invest more time and energy in retaining customers instead of attracting new customers. Better chance of a sales deal with an existing customer than with a new customer In sales deals of equipment dealers, the competition is often fierce. Everything needs to match; the equipment should meet the customer’s requirements and wishes, the price should be right, and the service, warranty and conditions need to match. This is different for existing customers. They are familiar with your organization, products, people and capacities. If they are satisfied with the level of service that you offer, the chance that they...

3 reasons why your ERP partner should be an industry expert

11/03/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Your ERP software partner must understand software. That makes sense. But what is even more important is that your ERP partner knows all about the industry you operate in! Here are three reasons why: 1. You need a high-level discussion partner Whether you are about to start an ERP implementation...

Why you should opt for software subscription licensing

04/03/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

With software subscription licensing, you pay a fixed amount per month to make use of the software. This offers some important benefits compared to the traditional model of buying the software licenses. 1. No major investment required The costs of software are always an issue for companies (and...

10 ROI gains from your Dealer Management System

25/02/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Many equipment dealers are extremely careful when it comes to investing in new software. And that is completely understandable. The investment is often significant, the impact on your whole business is enormous and the outcomes are very unpredictable. Perhaps the insights in this blog help you to...

The one thing you need to do to be customer-oriented

11/02/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

Customer-oriented. That is what every organization wants to be, especially in the services industry. Because it's all about the customer, right? The happier the customer is, the more successful your organization is. But although many studies have been done on customer-centric business strategies, it...

Do not let your ERP implementation take too long

14/01/2022 - Philip van Kemenade

An ERP implementation is an important project, of which the outcome has a lot of impact on the success of your organization. Therefore, you want to put a lot of time and energy into that! Nevertheless, it is important to limit the lead time of the implementation. This is why: An implementation costs a lot of energy Key users are very important assets during an implementation. They start the project with the idea that it will take several months. When the project is taking a bit longer, that is still manageable, and people will still be able to focus. But after the umpteenth change of the planning and postponement of the go-live, project fatigue arises. The attention and motivation of people are harmed. While a broad support and the right...


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