Key benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central

No more Dynamics NAV, but Dynamics 365 Business Central. And Microsoft has not only changed the name and logo. Business Central brings a number of important benefits, with which Microsoft reinforces its leading position in ERP systems for SMEs.

Safe and secure in the cloud and web based

Business Central is no longer available as an on-premise solution. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft focuses completely on the cloud and on web based. Business Central is developed with the experience of decades of automating ERP processes, it is based largely on NAV, but enriched with the best of other ERP solutions. Microsoft has all the resources to make Business Central available in a safe and reliable manner as a cloud and web based solution. While maintaining the flexibility that Microsoft partners need to adjust and expand Business Central so that it matches with a specific industry.

New functionalities

Microsoft continues to invest in the quality of the software by responding to trends and by using new technologies. The latest developments were recently presented during Directions EMEA in Vienna, Austria. Thanks to the worldwide partner network and the enormous and diverse customer base of Microsoft applications, new requirements for functionalities are signaled very early and are immediately picked up by development.

Maximum benefit from Office 365 and other applications

The integration with Office 365 products such as Outlook, Word, Excel and SharePoint has been well organized for years. The Power platform with Power Apps, Flow and Power BI combines all tools and supports the collaboration of all products. Power BI offers powerful Business Intelligence that is accessible to every end user, but also includes advanced options for BI specialists. With Business Central, Microsoft has succeeded in allowing ERP to work extremely closely with other applications for maximum benefit.

"With Business Central, Microsoft has succeeded in allowing ERP to work extremely closely with other applications for maximum benefit."

Faster implementations

The Office 365 products, the Power platform and the development of add-ons and customizations outside the standard product ensure a faster implementation. Without too much customizations, companies can use the system in combination with other solutions according their own requirements and wishes and thereby achieve their goals.

Better support and easier to upgrade

Because add-ons and customization are no longer developed within the standard product, providing support becomes a lot easier. Functional changes are clearly defined and separated, making the usage of the software clearer and making support easier. When upgrading to a new version, it is no longer necessary to extensively analyze which changes and modifications have taken place over time and how these should be incorporated in the new release.


Microsoft maintains its leading position in the world of ERP systems for small to medium-sized companies with Dynamics 365 Business Central. In fact, with the above important benefits of Business Central, Microsoft is further strengthening its position. Business Central is an extremely powerful, complete and user-friendly ERP platform that, by adding industry knowledge of the right partner, forms a very strong solution for every company.

Remko Gaastra is President of Dysel North America. He leads a team of industry experts to make equipment dealers in North America more successful.

Remko Gaastra

Chief Executive Officer

Remko Gaastra joined Dysel in 2014 to manage Dysel North America and global marketing and sales. His previous entrepreneurial successes make Remko with over 30 years of experience in sales, business development, and management a perfect partner for anyone who wants to grow his/her business. He knows how IT can make a difference but is also aware of the risks. Since January 1, 2020, Remko is CEO at Dysel.

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