How is industry-specific software created?

Business software is increasingly focused on a specific industry. Software partners specialize in one or a few industries and develop a software solution that optimally supports the processes in that industry. I often get questions from customers that start with 'Why?'. Why does it work like that in your system? Why did you go for that solution? Why can’t we do it in a different way? In fact, they wonder what the most important factors are that determine the setup, technology and development of industry-specific software. In other words, how is industry-specific software created?

The customer!

Every day we talk with our customers about their organization and the challenges they face. Therefore, our customers have a big impact on our software solution. The questions they raise and feedback they provide in discussions are important input for new software developments. By listening carefully, we get to know what is going on in the industry. Of course, this does not mean that we simply develop everything that a customer asks for. It is only when we spot a trend that we decide on whether and how we want to adopt these developments into a generic solution that we can provide to the entire market.

The platform

The basis of our industry-specific software has been Microsoft Dynamics NAV for many years. We therefore also closely monitor developments at Microsoft. How do they improve their system? Which new technologies do they apply? Which functionalities are developed? How is the integration with other Microsoft products optimized? We can benefit from the developments at Microsoft and in this way keep our industry-specific software up-to-date and user-friendly, and enrich it with new functionalities. This improves our product which directly benefits our customers.

Technological trends

Of course we also look at the technological trends in a general sense. Which technological developments should we take into account in our product development? We want to offer our customers a robust and future-proof software solution with which they are at the forefront of their industry, now and in the future. New technology also offers new possibilities. We keep a close eye on whether something is just a hype or mainstream technology. We turn proven successful technology into meaningful applications and solutions for our customers.

The software partner

The conversations with our customers, Microsoft's plans and technological trends are valuable input for our software, but in the end we decide on what we develop in our industry-specific solution. Many years of experience in supporting organizations has brought us extensive industry knowledge. Using that knowledge to create powerful, successful software is what we are good at and where we continue to focus on.

Peter Gerhardt is Senior Lead Consultant Logistics at Dysel and helps customers achieve maximum results with business software.