Does a small equipment management organization need ERP?

There is a lot of competition in the sales, rental and service of machines and equipment. To stay competitive, you must be well organized and offer top quality products and services. ERP software helps you with this. Large equipment dealers have been working with this for years, but what if you are a smaller player in the industry; do you need ERP?

The short answer is YES! And this is why:

The same processes as large organizations

ERP software is all about centralizing business data that is entered, checked, and distributed by all your departments. For equipment management organizations, these departments include finance, purchasing, sales, rental, service, field service and parts. And in this respect the size of the company is not important: small equipment management organizations have the same variety of processes. So, whether you are with less than 10 or more than 100 people: ERP software allows you to benefit from central business information that is entered in a uniform manner.

Work faster and more efficiently

You become more productive with ERP software. Enter information once, make less mistakes and use the same information throughout the entire company. Smaller organizations can also achieve these benefits. By automating well, you increase the productivity of employees, you can help your customers faster and better, and you can grow as an organization.

"More and more ERP systems fit to small businesses too. You have low start-up costs, pay per month and immediately benefit from all the features and possibilities."

Uniform way of working

An important condition for growth is professionalism. When it comes to automation, this means applying a uniform way of working for the registration, consultation, and usage of company information. When you look at the same real-time information from sales, rental, service and other departments, you can improve the quality of service and realize growth.

ERP system that grows with you

Many smaller organizations think that ERP is too expensive and too difficult for them. A large upfront investment, a lengthy project and unsure how much benefit it will bring. But that is mainly a thing of the past. More and more ERP systems fit to small businesses too. You have low start-up costs, pay per month and immediately benefit from all the features and possibilities. And as you grow, you add users, expand the possibilities, add new modules or upgrade to a different version.

But ... it does require you to work in a structured way

ERP offers many advantages, also for small organizations. But keep in mind that ERP software forces all employees to work in a structured way. No more post-its, paper notes, bulletin boards, or your own lists and systems. Everyone must adapt to the new way of working, which is easier for some than for others.

Would you like to know more about how ERP software can contribute to the growth of your equipment management organization? Send me a message and I will contact you!