4 Reasons why you need a mobile CRM application

Does your organization have a sales department? Then you will most likely have software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), either as a separate application or as an integrated module of your ERP system. CRM software puts the customer at the heart and helps you to improve your competitive position by operating more customer-focused and help you to better meet your customer’s needs. Your organization needs CRM software, but to really make a difference to your customers, you need access to your CRM data anywhere and anytime. Let me give you four reasons why a mobile CRM application is indispensable:

Access your information anywhere and anytime

Sales people are often outside; on the road and at the customer site. A mobile CRM application provides sales people access to critical CRM data anywhere and anytime. But also outside office hours a CRM system on your smartphone or tablet is convenient. For example to check the latest sales statistics at home on the couch.

Greater chance of achieving your sales goals

With a mobile CRM application the sales staff can look up important information about the customer just before their visit, they can create a quote or an order during the visit and after the meeting add the visit report and follow-up task to the system. This leads to improved customer service, a considerable saving of time and above all a greater chance to achieve your sales goals.

Always insight into up-to-date information

The information in your CRM system changes every day. If your customer files a complaint in the morning to your colleague, you want to be aware of this when you visit this customer in the afternoon. And vice versa; you want to capture the things you discuss or agree upon at the customer or prospect site immediately into the system in order to have your colleagues to follow up on this. A mobile CRM application allows you to do this.

Shorten your sales cycle

Without a mobile CRM application your sales cycle takes considerably longer. You keep waiting for visit reports to be added to the system, tasks take a day to be entered and quotes are sent after the weekend instead of before. With access to the CRM system on your smartphone or tablet, you can act faster and shorten your sales cycles. Good for you and for your customer.

As a Product Owner, Joan Gaastra is in the driver's seat at Dysel. He decides which functionalities are developed and how they are prioritized.