Thermo King Berlin live with Dysel’s ELC

Recently, Thermo King Berlin has been provided with Dysel’s software solution Equipment Life Cycle (ELC). With ELC, Thermo King Berlin owns a complete system for all its business activities.


Thermo King Berlin is a business partner of Jozef Grosse Kracht GmbH in Osnabrück. Dysel's ELC solution is being used successfully for many years now at Jozef Grosse Kracht. The deployment of ELC at Thermo King Berlin will, in addition to the direct benefits for Thermo King Berlin, also strengthen the partnership with Jozef Grosse Kracht.


Dysel has already helped many companies in climate control with innovative software solutions that deliver cost savings, enable to work more efficiently and facilitate decision-making. In Dysel’s ELC solution all information regarding the equipment is stored in one central location and can be checked at all time.


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