Look for an ERP partner, not an ERP vendor

ERP software can make or break your business. But besides the software, the party that implements and supports the ERP system is also of crucial importance. After all, this party will help you to:

- benefit the most of the capabilities of the ERP system
- optimize the system and your business now and in the future
- guarantee the quality of the system towards the future

Therefore, do not choose a supplier but a partner to work with. The difference between supplier and partner might seem subtle, but it has a big impact.

The best results through partnership

The relationship with a supplier is one-sided; you will receive the software and start to work with it. The relationship with a partner is two-sided: together with the partner you select the modules you need, you decide on the setup of the system and you define your business processes. A partner knows your type of business and has the experience to advise you and to act as a sparring partner. It is obvious that partnership leads to the best results. You do not get forced onto a particular system, but together with the specialist in ERP and in your industry you create the solution that best meets the demands and requirements of your organization.

A partner listens to the customer

Suppliers develop the software based on their own ideas and bring it to the market. But a partner also listens to you and to other customers and applies this knowledge in the software. After all, it are the end users who experience the software in practice and who are first to discover new needs. Needs that arise, for example, because of changes in the industry in which they operate. If the software partner assesses that the requested functionality adds value for its customers, it will be developed in the standard allowing all customers to benefit from the new features.

Do you want to benefit optimally from ERP software? Do not just select the software but also select a software partner!

Philip van Kemenade is marketer at Dysel and is in contact with software end users every day.