Webinars: an effective tool in times of the coronavirus

These are unusual times. The impact of the coronavirus on society is enormous. And so are the consequences for businesses. Many companies have closed their doors and empower employees to continue their work from home as well as they possibly can. This requires changes in your policy, the way you work and your communication. Webinars are more effective than ever before to reach your target audience.


Nobody could have imagined a few months ago that nowadays we should work from home as much as possible for the health of all of us. Now that physical meetings are almost out of the question, webinars become extra interesting. Next to advantages such as no travel time, no travel costs, speed and convenience, safety is now also an extra plus of webinars.

Easy to reach people

With webinars it is easy to reach your target audience. Whether its customers and relations or potential customers or colleagues, or even people you don't know. The whole world can listen to your story with just an internet connection and in just a few clicks. And with webinars, you have total control over the message you bring across. It is one-sided communication, so with a thorough preparation and the right technology / facilities you can almost be certain that your webinar will go well.

"Every company struggles with the consequences and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. Therefore, nothing is better right now than to offer each other a helping hand."

People have time for it

Due to the coronavirus, many companies see a decline in their normal activities. As a result, the focus is on other matters, such as refurbish the business premises, administrative tasks, improve the organization, formulate initiatives for the future, but also listen to new ideas and insights. People now have more time to listen to your story and they are more likely to follow up on your advice.

Right now, you can help

Every company struggles with the consequences and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. Therefore, nothing is better right now than to offer each other a helping hand. Consider, for example, webinars about laws and regulations for companies, the HR policy and facilitating working from home. These are recognizable problems for companies and especially for people.

Webinar March 31

We at Dysel, now also use webinars to communicate with our target audience. Our next webinar will take place on Tuesday 31 March at 4:00 PM Central European Time, together with our partner 2-Control, specialized in securing and managing Microsoft Dynamics systems. With 2-Control’s software, customers of Dysel can enhance the authorization process in their Equipment Life Cycle system. 2-Control assists in designing, refining and managing the authorizations.

More information can be found here.

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