Top benefits of a Microsoft ERP platform

The platform your ERP solution is built on can make a huge difference. If you choose for a Microsoft based ERP solution you will experience some unique benefits.

You get more than ERP

Everybody knows Microsoft. They are not only into ERP software, but they develop, distribute, license and support a wide variety of computer related products. They know, for example, everything about Business Intelligence and offer a fantastic solution in this area with Power BI. This is an interactive data visualization tool that makes business intelligence available to end users. But you know Microsoft also from their communication products such as Outlook and Skype, and from their solutions that facilitate and support cooperation and teamwork such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams). The great thing with choosing for a Microsoft ERP solution is that you can benefit from the seamless integration with all these other solutions as well.

It is so asy to learn and use

User experience is one of the top priorities in Microsoft’s products. As all sorts of people from all over the world use Microsoft’s products and technologies it must be extremely user-friendly. You will experience this also in their ERP solutions. With a pleasant interface, intuitive menu and simple navigation it will take you little time to master the solution. You will save enormously on training time and support. Everybody in the organization is up and running with the system in a short period of time. And with the Role Centers, you log in as a specific type of user, which means you only get to see the information that is relevant to you. That is how easy it can be.

With Microsoft’s ERP you work faster, better and smarter

In Microsoft’s ERP solutions, all employees receive precisely the information and functions that they need for their daily work on a role-tailored user interface. Your people can work faster and more efficiently from day 1. The intuitive user interface will increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

You are guaranteed of continuity and innovation

Microsoft’s ERP solutions are extremely successful. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, for example, has over 120,000 customers and continues to grow every year. New versions are released yearly providing great new features based on the latest technology. Microsoft will continue to invest heavily in its ERP solutions in the upcoming years. And with a worldwide partner network there is no need to worry about getting local support. There is always a partner available that can help you with maximizing the benefits of your Microsoft ERP solution.

Martijn van Ommen is Business Controller at Dysel and responsible for the financial operations, planning and business process improvement.

Martijn van Ommen

Business Controller

Martijn van Ommen joined Dysel in 2014. In his role as Business Controller, he is a valued member of Dysel’s management team. He is responsible for all financial affairs worldwide, including all software licensing agreements.

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