"Contribute to the quality of the software using my experience"

Since October, Ton Klarenberg (53) from Hengelo (the Netherlands) has been fulfilling a work experience position at Dysel as an Application Developer. In this role, Ton gains experience at Dysel in developing and testing the software.

Find out if we are a match

Ton has worked as a software developer for many years. “Between 1999 and 2008, I have developed a lot of customized functionality. Together with consultants, I worked on solutions for companies in different industries, including the fashion industry. After this I worked on a software system for podiatrists. Dysel also develops industry-specific software and I want to contribute to the quality of the software using my experience and knowledge. During these months we find out if Dysel and I are a match.”

"At Dysel there is a lot of room for personal development of skills and knowledge."

Work hard in a relaxed atmosphere

Ton enjoyed his first few weeks at Dysel. “There is a relaxed and helpful atmosphere, but people work very concentrated and serious. You are not easily distracted here, which is very important when developing software.” Ton is supervised by Tamara de Jong. As the Product Owner at Dysel, she is responsible for product development. “Although Tamara is very busy, she really does take the time to guide me and explain things. At Dysel there is a lot of room for personal development of skills and knowledge. I am now reading a recent book about the C/AL programming language to refresh my knowledge and to understand what is new.”

Gain experience

Ton will be fulfilling the work experience position at Dysel’s product development department for a while. After which the possibilities of a permanent employment will be discussed. “It would be great to use my specific qualities and experience for the company in the role of software developer. This work experience position is the perfect way for me and the company to find out what we can do for each other.” In addition to his passion for software development, Ton is regularly found on the tennis court and he loves photography and (classical) music.

Do you want to know more about the career opportunities at Dysel? Call our office at (0)74-205 11 99 and ask for Tamara de Jong.

Philip van Kemenade

Marketing Manager

Philip van Kemenade completed his Marketing Management studies at Tilburg University in 2010 and has been working for Dysel since 2011. As Marketing Manager he is responsible for the branding, appearance and proposition of Dysel. Due to his extensive experience in helping equipment dealers, he knows the challenges in the industry and he works every day on aligning Dysel's products and services to the requirements and wishes of the customer.

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