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NewsWilliams Toyota Lift chooses Dysel’s ELC

27/02/2013 - Dysel

Material handling company Williams Toyota Lift, located in East Sparta (OH), has signed an agreement for the implementation of Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. This project will be handled in collaboration with Dysel’s implementation partner Tectura. Williams Toyota Lift is Ohio’s premier equipment dealer for new forklifts, warehouse racking solutions, and lift trucks. Customers can count on the expertise of Williams Toyota Lift for their new and used equipment, rental equipment, parts, services and training. Dysel is very pleased another Toyota Material Handling dealer has decided to start using Dysel’s powerful equipment management solution ELC. More information about Williams Toyota Lift.  

TT-Thermo King Poland signs agreement for ELC

27/02/2013 - Dysel

TT-Thermo King Poland has signed an agreement with Dysel’s partner in Poland, Alna Business Software, for the implementation of the Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. Thermo King refrigeration equipment is market leader in Poland with a market share of approximately 70%. TT-Thermo King...

Dysel starts partnership with Alna Business Solutions

12/02/2013 - Dysel

Dysel has signed an agreement with Alna Business Solutions for the implementation of the Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution in Poland. Alna is a global provider of IT services, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, and with offices in Estonia, Latvia and Poland. The company started in 1989...

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 now available

01/10/2012 - Dysel

As a Microsoft partner, Dysel is very pleased to announce that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is now available. With deep investments in new capabilities and improvements across all areas of the product, Microsoft delivers a powerful business solution to the market. The release of NAV 2013 is an...

ELC solution live at TurboNed

26/09/2012 - Dysel

 Recently, TurboNed has started using Dysel’s powerful Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. TurboNed is located in Zwijndrecht (The Netherlands) and is worldwide supplier of turbocharger service and parts. A turbocharger increases the power of engines through a forced induction of air and...

Eco Steam Groep selects Dysel’s ELC solution

16/07/2012 - Dysel

After a thorough selection procedure, the ECO Steam Groep has chosen for Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. ECO Steam Groep, located in Tilburg (The Netherlands), is your partner for boiler systems for electricity, warm-water and hot-water on a temporarily or a more permanent basis. Through innovation, international collaboration and increase in scale, the ECO Steam Groep wishes to expand its position in the European market in the upcoming years. Dysel’s ELC solution will support this ambition. Dysel owns broad experience in collaborating with installation companies and project-based organizations. The ELC solution contains extensive functionality for installation services, projects and planning. This is interlinked...

Yale Netherlands starts using Jet Reports

10/07/2012 - Dysel

Yale Netherlands will start using the reporting solution Jet Essentials to create powerful reports within Excel fast and easily based on information from the NAV database. Yale delivers a wide variety of lift trucks (forklifts) through more than 350 dealers in 62 countries. Yale Netherlands is...

Thermo King dealer Abbar (Saudi-Arabia) live on ELC

04/07/2012 - Dysel

The Saudi-Arabian Thermo King dealer Abbar went live on Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. Abbar’s presence in Saudi-Arabia consists of three offices, with the location in the capital Riyadh as the first one to go live on Dysel’s ELC solution. The other two locations, in Dammam...


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