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NewsDorema is live on NAV 2009

12/01/2012 - Dysel

After a successful project Dorema has gone live on NAV 2009 with the help of Dysel. For many years Dorema has been using software solutions offered by Dysel. The transition to the latest version of NAV wil stongly contribute to the company’s growth strategy. For over 25 years Dorema is the complete specialist in caravan awnings and canopies. The awnings designed and produced by Dorema are suitable for all common caravan models. A complete set of accessories and parts is offered as well. The headquarters in Doetinchem (The Netherlands) and offices in Germany and England are the first to start using NAV 2009. Dorema’s production location is planned to follow in a subsequent project. Previously, Dorema only used a small part of the...

Meulenbroek Afvalpersen is live on Dysel’s ELC

11/01/2012 - Dysel

For Meulenbroek Afvalpersen the year 2012 has started with going live on Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. Meulenbroek is using Dysel’s successful software solutions since 1999. The transition to ELC strongly improves Meulenbroek’s IT environment and will give them a great deal of...

TCR France goes live on Dysel’s ELC

12/12/2011 - Dysel

Recently TCR France went live on Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. After TCR International and locations in the USA, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland, the location in France is the seventh TCR company to start using Dysel’s powerful ELC solution.   TCR...

Ahlmann goes live on Dysel’s ELC

19/11/2011 - Dysel

Ahlmann went live on Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. Since 2008 Dysel has filled the software needs of Ahlmann and the transition to ELC will give Ahlmann the benefits of a powerful and proven successful service solution. Ahlmann is located in Ammerzoden (The Netherlands) and has...

Vandentempel goes live on Dysel’s ELC

09/11/2011 - Dysel

Vandentempel in Hattem (The Netherlands) recently went live on Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution.   For over 35 years, Vandentempel has been a well respected company in test and measurement equipment for the electrical infrastructure. Besides a broad product range, Vandentempel...

Release Service Pack ELC18-1111

07/11/2011 - Dysel

Dysel announces the release of Service Pack ELC18-1111. Several important aspects of Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution have been improved.   The Credit Management functionality has been enriched with some new features. Customers have more control over their settings and can indicate when they wish to receive credit notifications. Settings can differ per document type; for a work order a customer might prefer other credit settings than for a sales order. Also new is the possibility to enable users to set a customer’s budget directly on the work order.   The looks of the Graphic Planboard have been improved and it has become easier to use. Users can fill in all their appointments and tasks, and this is...

TurboNed selects Dysel’s ELC

13/10/2011 - Dysel

TurboNed has recently selected Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. TurboNed is located in Zwijndrecht (The Netherlands) and is worldwide supplier of turbocharger service and parts.   A complete stock of new and reconditioned turbocharger parts and an excellent service contribute to...

Meulenbroek Afvalpersen decides to upgrade to Dysel’s ELC

07/10/2011 - Dysel

Meulenbroek Afvalpersen has decided to upgrade to Dysel’s powerful Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution.   Meulenbroek Afvalpersen is located in Enschede (The Netherlands) and produces, sells and rents a wide variety of garbage compactors. Their products reduce the garbage volume, with lower...


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