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Blog10 ways how your ERP system can provide ROI

19/10/2018 - April Potts

Many organizations are extremely careful when it comes to investing in ERP software. And that is completely understandable. The investment is often significant, the impact on your whole business is enormous and the outcomes are very unpredictable. Perhaps the insights in this blog help you to understand the benefits you can gain from replacing your ERP system. There are numerous ways of how ERP software can move your business forward. For each point on this list, just ask yourself how your current situation is and how that is expected to improve with new ERP software. 1. New Technology: If you stay on top of technology solutions, you stay ahead of competition. You are of course constantly looking for ways to outrun the competition and...

This is why every organization needs a mission and vision

12/10/2018 - Philip van Kemenade

Your organization cannot do without a mission and a vision. They express the right of your organization to exist and help you determine the direction to head to. Your mission explains what your organization stands for and what contribution you make to society. The vision gives effect to the mission...

5 capabilities every Product Owner should have

05/10/2018 - Tamara de Jong

You might have heard of 'agile working' in relation to software development. With this approach you assume that the circumstances can change during the development process, you respond to that and by doing so, you ensure a good end result. One form of agile working is the scrum method. This...

How is industry-specific software created?

21/09/2018 - Peter Gerhardt

Business software is increasingly focused on a specific industry. Software partners specialize in one or a few industries and develop a software solution that optimally supports the processes in that industry. I often get questions from customers that start with 'Why?'. Why does it work like...

These are your software deployment options

14/09/2018 - Jean-Pierre Reniers

In the past, all software applications at companies were installed on local computers. Every organization had its own server, which was managed by the IT department. Very simple, you had no choice. That is different nowadays. The traditional 'on-premise' deployment is still an option, but...

New technology; hype or success

07/09/2018 - April Potts

Is a new technology only a hype that will soon pass over its glory days or will it eventually become mainstream and important for your organization? For many entrepreneurs it as a challenge to correctly assess the value of new technology. Should you invest in the new technology to keep up with or even be ahead of competition, or will this just be a waste of money? The Gartner Hype Cycle can help you in these decisions. The Gartner Hype Cycle Research and advisory organization Gartner has developed the Hype Cycle as an instrument to visualize the maturation of new technologies. Between introduction and full adoption, each new technology goes through five stages: 1. Technology Trigger: the potential technology breakthrough triggers...


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