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BlogThe importance of modern IT in your company

24/01/2020 - Dysel

Many companies regard information technology as a necessary thing instead of something that can bring benefits. But the use of modern IT makes your organization more effective and successful. 1. More productive due to better performance The great performance of modern IT, such as the increased reliability and speed of systems and connections, ensures that employees become more productive. It saves time, reduces frustration and enables you to provide better service to customers. Many companies emphasize on costs when it comes to IT investments, without looking at the benefits. A calculation of the increased productivity would validate many IT investments for companies. 2. Improved internal and external communication Technological...

Realize business benefits with ERP in 6 steps

17/01/2020 - Ivan Dale

Many ERP implementations do not proceed as expected. The project takes too long, the costs are too high and, most importantly: the expected benefits for the company are not or only partially achieved. With these 6 steps your ERP implementation stays within scope and you increase the chance of...

After sales revenue opportunities for equipment dealerships

10/01/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

Because the margins on sales of machines are under increasing pressure, it is important for equipment dealers to continue to generate revenue after the initial sale. But how can you maximize after-sales revenue? 1. Preventive maintenance With preventive maintenance, you prevent damage, defects and...

What are your business software goals for 2020?

20/12/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

With 2019 coming to an end, the business plans for 2020 are already wrapped up. But what is the role of business software in your plans? Regardless of whether you plan to invest in new software or continue to work with the current software, it is important to set clear objectives. SMART business...

5 benefits of a support portal

13/12/2019 - Wilbert Schreurs

A support portal is an effective tool in helping you offer your customers the top quality support that they expect from you. If you use it as an additional channel next to the existing ways of providing support, there are major benefits for both your customers and your organization. 1. You give...

ERP software: the benefits of keeping it simple

06/12/2019 - Peter Gerhardt

With ERP software you automate all departments and processes within your organization. With so many different requirements and wishes, ERP software quickly becomes complicated. While an important factor for success is to keep it simple. Easy and fast implementation at low costs That starts with the implementation of an ERP system. It is tempting to set a broad scope, so that you can create a complete solution for everyone in the organization. But is that feasible? A broad scope means a larger and more complex project. That costs more money, more time and increases the chance of errors and problems. And you might include topics in the ERP implementation that you don’t need or that you can better save for a second phase. Keep it simple...


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