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BlogWhat to focus on (and what not) when selecting ERP software

08/02/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

When selecting an ERP system, organizations often take a very thorough approach. In an extensive selection process, the various options are examined and evaluated in order to take a well-informed decision. And they have every right to do so, because this decision impacts the future of the organization. But what are your selection criteria? When you base your decision on the wrong criteria, you still don’t make an optimal choice, despite all the time and energy you have put into the selection process! These are the most important criteria for you to focus on (and their counterparts you should not focus on). 1. Return On Investment - **NOT** Costs A new ERP system often requires a significant initial investment and brings periodic costs...

The added value of dimensions in an ERP system

01/02/2019 - Brian Coller

We live in a day and age where we are accustomed to instant gratification. Just about everyone has access to information instantaneously. Want to know how the stock market is doing? How about the scores of your favorite team? Just use your phone, laptop, tablet, gaming system, smart TV or smart...

Are you a leader or a follower?

25/01/2019 - Remko Gaastra

A leader is not something every one of us can be. It requires certain capabilities and characteristics that are partly natural and partly can be acquired over the years. A leader is not someone who acts like a boss or someone who tells others what to do. On the contrary. A real leader has completely...

What to expect from Power BI

18/01/2019 - Bjorn Schouten

Power BI is a business analytics solution that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions — transforming data into stunning visuals, making it easy to share with colleagues on any device. Here are my thoughts, as a Business Intelligence consultant, about what you can expect from Power...

5 benefits of optimizing your processes

11/01/2019 - Hans Dewaide

You can do better! Keep that in mind when you look at the processes in your organization. Efficient and well-organized processes bring more value than you think and enable you to seize opportunities. But it’s never perfect. Because your company, your customers and suppliers and the world around us...

4 requirements to any ERP system in 2019

04/01/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

Now that the new year has started, it is a good time to evaluate whether the ERP system in your organization still meets your requirements. What are your goals for 2019 and will your ERP system help you achieve these goals? Or is it just an inhibiting or limiting factor? Although requirements to ERP are unique for every company, there are a few important requirements that every organization will have. To what extent does the ERP system in your organization meet these requirements? 1. A future-proof, stable, proven successful ERP solution You need stability in ERP. A solid software system provided by a strong partner with great expertise and a successful track record. After all, it is about the future of your company. Therefore, you should...


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