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Blog5 things you need to know before making your software investment

23/02/2018 - Teun Arts

The deployment of new business software often requires a considerable investment. Not only do you need to purchase the software, but you also invest in hardware, infrastructure and services provided by the software partner, and there is of course all the time and energy that your own people spend on the project. You want to earn that investment back by making the organization more effective and successful with the software. Pay attention to these 5 crucial things and you will be able to properly assess the risks of your intended software investment. 1. Continuity of the Supplier You can never be sure that your software supplier will still exist in a few years, but you can do some checks on the continuity of the supplier. Is the...

100 Dysel blogs! 5 good reasons to write blogs

16/02/2018 - Philip van Kemenade

After more than two years of blogging, the time has come; this is Dysel's 100th blog. In January 2016 we started blogging. Many Dysel colleagues have participated and written about their expertise in one or more articles. Do you still question whether you should blog or not? Here are five...

Think outside of your own department

09/02/2018 - Luuk Busschers

ERP software supports the entire company and also aims to bring the organization as a whole to a higher level. In order to achieve this, you as a user of the ERP system must also think in the interest of the entire organization. It is not about you or your department excelling in what you do, but...

Periodic maintenance, your ERP software needs it too!

02/02/2018 - Peter Gerhardt

Twice a year preventative maintenance is carried out on my mountain bike. Everything is checked and adjusted if necessary, from brake cables and brake pads to the cassette and the chain. If more expensive parts are due for replacement, I will be contacted. The same goes for my car. Every few months...

Top benefits of a Microsoft ERP platform

19/01/2018 - Martijn van Ommen

The platform your ERP solution is built on can make a huge difference. If you choose for a Microsoft based ERP solution you will experience some unique benefits. You get more than ERP Everybody knows Microsoft. They are not only into ERP software, but they develop, distribute, license and...

3 challenges every equipment dealership faces

12/01/2018 - April Potts

Although each equipment dealership is unique and has its own challenges, there are many similarities in the industry as well. Based on my experience working in this industry and servicing equipment dealerships I have listed 3 important challenges faced by every equipment dealership. 1. Keeping up with the latest Technology Dealers tend to keep using OLD technology and this creates wasted resources: -   Broken Processes -   Internal Flow -   Time on Operation and Transportation Wasted time is the result for each of these wasted resources; time is one of the most expensive resources in the industry. Your focus should be on improved efficiency. Take a close look at EACH department’s daily processes and see how you can...


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