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Blog4 reasons why you want to be an ERP key user

30/10/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

ERP key users play an important role in the implementation of new business software. They optimize processes, test the software and provide internal training and support. That takes a lot of time in addition to the regular work you do. But did you also think of these four benefits of being an ERP key user? 1. You are "in control" As an ERP key user, you help define how the company will work and what role automation plays in this. You have a direct impact on how the company operates. Have you always been frustrated by an inefficient process? Or do you think the company has been missing a perfect opportunity for improvement for years? As a key user you can change things around. Especially for the processes in your own department, your...

How to successfully manage your equipment rental fleet

23/10/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

The rental department of equipment dealers contributes heavily to the business results, but at the same time it is also one of the most challenging departments to manage successfully. Only with the right business processes, supported by complete rental management software, you can get the most out...

Say goodbye to customized business software

16/10/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

"Tell us what you want and we will build it for you." For years that was the motto in the world of business software. And while it may sound like you are developing a dream system this way, you are much more likely to create a nightmare. That is why it's time to say goodbye to customized business...

4 reasons why Business Central is easy to learn and use

09/10/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is embraced by more and more companies. One of the key benefits of Business Central is that you quickly learn how to use the system. This shortens the implementation project and ensures a pleasant user experience. But why is Business Central so easy to learn...

This is why you need a vertical SaaS solution

02/10/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

A vertical SaaS solution is scalable and offers functionality that perfectly fits the niche market in which your company operates. This provides you with a business system with industry-specific functionality that has the flexibility to cope with the growth of your company and future...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is your next gen business system

25/09/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

The days of traditional ERP systems that focus completely on features and functionalities are over. To remain competitive, you need a "next gen" business system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: with complete functionalities, but also with a vision and technology that anticipate the future. More than a new look to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Dynamics 365 Business Central is the successor to Dynamics NAV, Microsoft's extremely successful ERP solution for SMEs. But Business Central is more than just a different name and design. Business Central fits perfectly in this era of digital transformation. The idea of Business Central is that it is not a stand-alone solution, but that it integrates and communicates perfectly with other...


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