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BlogParts management challenges for equipment dealers

09/07/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

When your equipment dealership has optimally organized its spare parts management, that provides you a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition when it comes to providing ​​customer service. But you will need to overcome a number of challenges. How do you organize your parts ordering? There is a continuous demand for parts throughout the entire organization. Spare parts might be ordered by customers, required to keep the inventory at the right level or they can be needed (sometimes urgently) to provide service and maintenance. Do you choose for central spare parts ordering? This makes the order process clear and manageable. Or do you opt for decentralized ordering? That makes the order process more flexible. And...

5 valuable lessons in an ERP upgrade

02/07/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Upgrading to the latest version of your ERP system is a very informative project. Of course you do it to bring the organization to the next level, but there are a few other important lessons you learn at the end of the ride. 1. How business processes can be better streamlined With an ERP upgrade...

6 reasons to upgrade to the latest ERP software version

25/06/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

When considering upgrading to the latest version of the ERP system, many organizations focus on functionalities. In other words, what will I be able to do with the new version that I cannot do now. And while that is a very important factor, there are many more important benefits of upgrading to the...

How to test your business software

18/06/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Business software that does what you expect it to do, how nice is that? That starts with the quality of the software and ends with thorough testing how the software supports your specific daily business processes. But how do you do that, testing business software? Use process flow charts Make sure...

8 benefits of using ERP software

11/06/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Not sure if your organization benefits from using ERP software? Or do you already work with an ERP system and are you wondering what the advantages are? Here are eight benefits you can expect:   1. Increase In Productivity: ERP software helps you to be more productive. Outdated systems can slow...

3 tips to make your rental department more profitable

04/06/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Most equipment dealers have realized that trend in renting equipment has increased significantly in the past few years and is still growing at a drastic rate. So, the big question arises: “Are you geared up for riding this new wave and increase your profitability?” This is how traditional or manual rental business processes are currently working in most of these equipment organizations: The old-fashioned way In a daily routine, rental departments receive multiple inquiries via phone calls and e-mails, the representative notes the customer’s requirements like which equipment they need, what is the timeline of expected delivery and where does it need to be delivered. Usually, after the call, its determined that the rental asset they...


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