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BlogMarketing and sales are the same, right?

30/11/2018 - Philip van Kemenade

Do you know the difference between marketing and sales? For many people, there is no difference. However, marketing and sales are two different disciplines, with different objectives and where different skills are required. Important: in order to be successful, marketing and sales must form one team. The difference between marketing and sales Marketing deals with researching and cultivating the market. What is the target group, what needs do they have and what solutions fit best to this? The marketer is responsible for creating an attractive proposal, communicating this to the market and generating leads. Of course, the website plays a very important role in this, but other frequently used tools by marketers are e-mail marketing, social...

The opportunities of predictive maintenance for equipment management

23/11/2018 - April Potts

If equipment breaks down, you need to fix it. Simple as that. But how great would it be if you could predict the right moment for maintenance to your equipment and that way prevent a breakdown? That provides enormous benefits to you and your customers. From increased uptime of equipment to cost...

The 4 key principles of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

16/11/2018 - Philip van Kemenade

Microsoft has been a top player in ERP software for many years. And with the introduction of Dynamics 365 Business Central earlier this year, it is likely that Microsoft will remain a leader in the market in the future. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great platform for small to medium-sized...

Why the old erp system no longer matters

09/11/2018 - Peter Gerhardt

When you get involved in the implementation of a new software system as a key user, you will have to understand what this actually means. After all, such an implementation is not something you do every year and so it will be difficult to realize what this requires from you. To get straight to the...

A day in the life of a service manager

02/11/2018 - Teun Arts

As a service manager at Dysel, I am the first point of contact for our customers. Whether they run into a problem, are in the middle of an upgrade, improve their business processes or looking for extra functionalities; I am there to help. Every day is different and brings unexpected moments and new...

A leader is best when people barely know he exists

26/10/2018 - Remko Gaastra

Are you a manager that rules its department with an iron fist? Do you give orders to people and strictly monitor that those orders are carried out correctly? Do your people want to perform well, because they know how angry you become when they don’t? If so, it may seem like you are in control over your department and are a good manager. But you’re not! You can do things differently. Moreover; you can do things much better. Empower, motivate and delegate If you only have faith in your own skills, then you will try to do everything yourself. You will only rely on someone else when you don’t have time for it and you will then condemn their work when it is not carried out as you intended. However, a good manager knows the value of...


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