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BlogAuthorizations in ERP, did you take care of this?

01/06/2018 - Peter Gerhardt

You want your organization to work in a structured manner. That is why you have different departments, teams and job titles, each with their own tasks and responsibilities. The ERP system supports all employees in carrying out their work and fulfilling their responsibilities. Authorizations play an important role in this. Failing to set up the authorizations properly in the ERP system causes trouble. Think about wrong item pricing, incorrect bank accounts, unapproved purchase orders and outdated customer information; that can have serious consequences for the company. Besides, it means extra work, because the mistakes must be rectified. And then you also have the accountant who insists on the importance of segregation of duties. In short...

Happy employees; the shortest route to success

25/05/2018 - Philip van Kemenade

Many organizations are customer-focused. Everything is put together to optimally serve the customer. Which is of course in essence what it is all about; as an organization you exist because of the added value you offer to your customers. But is this customer-oriented approach truly what is best for...

Embrace the change and explore evolution

18/05/2018 - Teun Arts

Nowadays, software is an indispensable part of our everyday life. Whether you shop online, send a text to your family or friends or just watch TV. Software is always there. Software is being developed to make our daily lives more pleasant and it evolves faster than we can blink our eyes. Of course...

Be in control of your master data

11/05/2018 - Peter Gerhardt

Business software is packed with important information. About your company, your customers and prospects, your contracts, your quotes, et cetera. And this huge amount of information continues to grow. Every day, data is changed and added, new meetings, notes and contact moments are registered and...

Do you know what is best for your organization?

04/05/2018 - Philip van Kemenade

Nobody knows more about your company than you and your team. Together you know what works best and how to make the organization operate successfully. Or ... at least you think you know. You might want to check how the competition handles things. A fresh view on your organization from a third party...

Optimize your processes based on ROI

27/04/2018 - Teun Arts

In a competitive market there is only one way to survive as a company: you need to continuously improve. This means looking critically at how you work in your organization and which business processes can be optimized. When it comes to measures to improve your processes, Return On Investment should always be the objective. What costs are associated with the change (for example in time of your employees, extra facilities, help from external parties or new software) and what benefits does it bring (for example in profit, turnover, time savings, efficiency, convenience or a higher service level)? Wrong motives to change processes Organizational changes are too often driven by the wrong motives. Not ROI, but for example: -   Cost...


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