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BlogERP software: the benefits of keeping it simple

06/12/2019 - Peter Gerhardt

With ERP software you automate all departments and processes within your organization. With so many different requirements and wishes, ERP software quickly becomes complicated. While an important factor for success is to keep it simple. Easy and fast implementation at low costs That starts with the implementation of an ERP system. It is tempting to set a broad scope, so that you can create a complete solution for everyone in the organization. But is that feasible? A broad scope means a larger and more complex project. That costs more money, more time and increases the chance of errors and problems. And you might include topics in the ERP implementation that you don’t need or that you can better save for a second phase. Keep it simple...

Is your ERP supplier a business partner or software vendor?

29/11/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

Many organizations look at ERP software primarily as an IT topic. But IT is only a means, not a goal. ERP is all about improving your organization to help you realize your ambitions. And so, your ERP supplier must be a business partner who thinks along with you on a strategic level. But is your ERP...

This is why Microsoft is the leader in BI

22/11/2019 - Bjorn Schouten

For over ten years, Microsoft has been praised by renowned consulting firm Gartner as a leader in Business Intelligence. A complete vision on BI that is applied in powerful products. But what makes Microsoft better and more successful than the competition? With Power BI, Microsoft succeeds in...

ERP software licensing: purchase or subscribe?

15/11/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

With many ERP systems you are no longer required to purchase the software licenses. A subscription model is increasingly popular: periodically paying an amount to obtain the right to use the software. But which model fits best with your organization? Purchase software In the traditional model, you...

Should you worry when your ERP system is end of life?

08/11/2019 - Teun Arts

Suppose the ERP system that is used in your organization does not have a future. For example, because development has stopped, sales are stagnating, or support has been terminated. But the system works great for you. Should you worry then? Product life cycle of ERP systems Like any other product...

Key benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central

01/11/2019 - Remko Gaastra

No more Dynamics NAV, but Dynamics 365 Business Central. And Microsoft has not only changed the name and logo. Business Central brings a number of important benefits, with which Microsoft reinforces its leading position in ERP systems for SMEs. Safe and secure in the cloud and web based Business Central is no longer available as an on-premise solution. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft focuses completely on the cloud and on web based. Business Central is developed with the experience of decades of automating ERP processes, it is based largely on NAV, but enriched with the best of other ERP solutions. Microsoft has all the resources to make Business Central available in a safe and reliable manner as a cloud and web based...


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