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Blog3 important lessons for providing software demos

24/08/2018 - Ashley Harris

As a support consultant I help people working for equipment dealerships to understand how software solutions can make their tasks easier and more pleasant. Part of my job are also demos of our software solutions for customers and prospects. Introducing our software to people is an exciting thing to do. And it is completely different than providing training and support services. Here are a few things I have learned that are important when it comes to a software demonstration. Tell the audience what you are going to do demo Your audience probably broadly knows what they will get to see in your demo. They have explained to you what is important for them and they received the demo agenda from you. However, it is still very important to...

Improve business processes in 4 steps

27/07/2018 - Philip van Kemenade

A continuously critical look at how your business processes can be improved, is very beneficial for your organization. With more efficient and better organized processes you achieve more success. But how do you take care of this? Follow these 4 steps towards improvement: 1.   IDENTIFY potential...

How to get the most out of a software demo

20/07/2018 - April Potts

In the process of selecting a software solution, the demo is a very important step. Business software demonstrations are one of the key components to evaluating whether the software fulfills your requirements and if the vendor truly understands your needs. Unfortunately, for many companies the...

6 reasons why your service department should work paperless

13/07/2018 - Jennifer Mena

Does your service department still use pen and paper to process work orders? Time to change! A completely digital service department provides great benefits for your organization, your people and your customers. 1. Fewer mistakes The digital work order decreases mistakes compared to the paper...

Marketing is a team sport

06/07/2018 - Philip van Kemenade

The 'old school' idea about marketing is that it is a department of its own that advertises the company’s products and services and makes sure the offering meets the wishes and demands of the target group. But to what extent is this traditional view on marketing still valid? Marketing has...

Why you should run on the latest software version (and why not)

29/06/2018 - René Welmerink

New software releases are introduced at an ever-increasing pace. Where it used to take a few years before a new version was released, this is now much more frequent. A new release brings new possibilities. At the same time, adopting a new release also brings challenges and costs. An overview of the pros and cons: Why you SHOULD run on the latest version of software: -   Safety at one: In general, new software products are safer and more reliable than older products. And data security is extremely important. You do not want to have your sensitive company information out on the street or that you do not comply with the laws and regulations (GDPR for instance). -   The best performance: The performance of your system is related to...


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