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BlogBusiness Intelligence for equipment dealers; this is what you need

21/02/2020 - Bjorn Schouten

This is a challenge for every company: obtaining the right management information that enables you to take better decisions. Among the many Business Intelligence tools on the market are excellent solutions for all kinds of organizations. But what kind of BI solution do you need as an equipment dealer? Tailored to the equipment management industry Business Intelligence solutions are set up generically. This way they can be used by any type of organization. However, as an equipment dealer you have very specific requirements regarding the business insights you are looking for. Think about sales, rental, service, parts and the equipment fleet. Your BI tool must therefore be tailored to the equipment industry. With KPIs that are interesting...

Field service software: 4 reasons to go for paperless

14/02/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

Even in the year 2020 there are still many field service departments that work (partly) with pen and paper. And that's a shame. Working digitally offers so many benefits. For your company, your service technicians and your customers. These are the four key reasons for using field service software...

Why do you pay a software enhancement fee every year?

07/02/2020 - Teun Arts

Companies that have purchased an ERP system can, in many cases, participate in a software enhancement plan. This requires you to pay an annual fee for software maintenance. But what exactly are the benefits of such a software enhancement plan? Benefits of an active software license Participation...

The importance of integrated ERP and CRM

31/01/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

Many organizations implement ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software separately. But with separate systems for ERP and CRM, you will constantly have to worry about the quality and completeness of data used by employees in their...

The importance of modern IT in your company

24/01/2020 - Dysel

Many companies regard information technology as a necessary thing instead of something that can bring benefits. But the use of modern IT makes your organization more effective and successful. 1. More productive due to better performance The great performance of modern IT, such as the increased...

Realize business benefits with ERP in 6 steps

17/01/2020 - Ivan Dale

Many ERP implementations do not proceed as expected. The project takes too long, the costs are too high and, most importantly: the expected benefits for the company are not or only partially achieved. With these 6 steps your ERP implementation stays within scope and you increase the chance of realizing benefits for your business. 1. Understand the current situation Before you start selecting and implementing an ERP system, you must understand the current situation in your company. How do you work now, with which systems and why does this need to be improved? What are the most important issues and frustrations among employees and what negative consequences does this have for the success of your company? This requires interviews with...


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