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BlogWhy an ERP implementation should not take too long

15/03/2019 - Peter Gerhardt

Everyone knows the stories from the media about endless implementations of ERP software. Or maybe you have experienced one yourself, like I did. An implementation that takes years and in which the go-live date is constantly being postponed. The problems that occur in these projects are diverse, but what they have in common is that the problems all have a delaying effect on their own. Causing the project to take even longer and making the quality of the final product not necessarily better, but possibly even worse. Project fatigue Key users are very important assets during an implementation. They start the project with the idea that it will take several months. When the project is taking a bit longer, that is still manageable, and people...

4 Barriers Businesses Run Into When Achieving Important Goals

08/03/2019 - April Potts

Goals drive behavior. Having the right goals across your business should encourage proper behavior. Most companies focus on growing revenue, profit and improving workforce morale and retention, but these are not the only metrics that matter. Unfortunately, there are some big barriers that make it...

4 things you learn during an ERP upgrade

01/03/2019 - Teun Arts

You have an ERP system that works well for your organization, but the new version of this system has much more to offer: time for an upgrade! In addition to a modern ERP package, an upgrade will offer you even more benefits. It is an extremely insightful project for your organization. You are held...

4 benefits of industry-specific ERP software

22/02/2019 - Remko Gaastra

Nowadays, ERP partners are more and more specialized in a specific industry. They know the problems of the industry, understand the business processes and deliver software that can handle the specific challenges of the industry. Working with industry-specific ERP software yields several important...

Challenges in spare parts management

15/02/2019 - Peter Gerhardt

For equipment dealers, it is of crucial importance to get spare parts in the right place at the right time. And to do so in the most cost-effective way. When your spare parts management is optimally organized, you have a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition when it comes to...

What to focus on (and what not) when selecting ERP software

08/02/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

When selecting an ERP system, organizations often take a very thorough approach. In an extensive selection process, the various options are examined and evaluated in order to take a well-informed decision. And they have every right to do so, because this decision impacts the future of the organization. But what are your selection criteria? When you base your decision on the wrong criteria, you still don’t make an optimal choice, despite all the time and energy you have put into the selection process! These are the most important criteria for you to focus on (and their counterparts you should not focus on). 1. Return On Investment - **NOT** Costs A new ERP system often requires a significant initial investment and brings periodic costs...


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