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BlogThis is why you need a vertical SaaS solution

02/10/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

A vertical SaaS solution is scalable and offers functionality that perfectly fits the niche market in which your company operates. This provides you with a business system with industry-specific functionality that has the flexibility to cope with the growth of your company and future developments. The difference between horizontal and vertical software Horizontal software is developed for executing the activities in one specific department or for one specific process as well as possible. Consider, for example, a planning program, a rental system or an accounting program. This software can be used by companies in various industries. However, with horizontal software you miss the helicopter view over all departments. Vertical solutions...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is your next gen business system

25/09/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

The days of traditional ERP systems that focus completely on features and functionalities are over. To remain competitive, you need a "next gen" business system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: with complete functionalities, but also with a vision and technology that anticipate the...

Equipment at the heart of your dealer management system

18/09/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

In order to run your equipment dealership the right way, you need a powerful dealer management system in which equipment is at the heart. Because only then can you make the best decisions for your company and for your customers. Track objects from cradle to grave By placing equipment at the heart...

6 prerequisites for a successful software implementation

11/09/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

The implementation of business software has many challenges and pitfalls. With a decent preparation and by keeping some basic rules in mind, you significantly increase the chance of a successful implementation. 1. A clear scope, timeline and budget Who does what, when does it happen and at what...

4 reasons to choose for Dynamics 365 Business Central right now

04/09/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is extremely popular among small and midsize businesses. Of course, because of the extensive functionalities, but there are a few other important reasons for your organization to choose for Business Central. 1. You get the latest technology, which makes you a...

Data management to make your ERP project easier

28/08/2020 - Teun Arts

Data management is an underestimated part of ERP projects. This involves more than simply transferring data to the new system. You need to make sure that the data is correct, you need to think carefully about which data you include in the conversion and you need a data conversion plan. Have you thought about these questions? You take some technical tool, enter the data you want to convert and with the push of a button it goes over to your new ERP system. Unfortunately,... it is not that simple. Before you can start your data conversion, you need to understand a few things. For example, do you have answers to these questions? How complete and clean is your data? What data do you need in your new ERP system? How do you deal with...


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