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BlogPrevent stress, use powerful financial management software

15/07/2016 - Hans Dewaide

Are your organization’s financial processes fully automated or do you still have to make progress on this? Microsoft Excel, legacy business systems, or (even worse) pen and paper limit your opportunities, take a lot of time, and perhaps most important of all, it brings you a lot of stress! Completely unnecessary. When you choose for top quality financial management software your business becomes more profitable and you will have less worries. Instantly find the correct figures Whether it is for management reports, month end closing or preparing the financial statements; to put the right figures on the table is what brings many financial managers in an organization lots of stress. While it can be very easy by properly automating your...

Why industry knowledge is crucial for an ERP vendor

08/07/2016 - Terry Williams

When you sell cars you should know all about cars, so when you sell software you should know all about software, right? Not entirely. Of course a software vendor should know about IT, but when you sell ERP software that alone will not be enough. You should know all ins and outs of the industries...

When you choose for Microsoft’s ERP you choose for continuity

01/07/2016 - Philip van Kemenade

You buy an ERP system with the intention to make use of it for a long time. You want to create a basis for growth of your business of which you will benefit for many years. The continuity of your business is at stake, so the continuity of the ERP system and the ERP vendor are extremely important...

5 tips for successful data conversion in an ERP implementation

24/06/2016 - Alex Bouwmeester

Data conversion is one of the major causes for an ERP implementation missing its go-live objective, and/or exceeding its budget. This can be prevented by complying to some important 'rules'. 1. Make sure you are well prepared When you start unprepared to a data conversion, you are...

Make more money with your service management software

17/06/2016 - Joan Gaastra

Has your service organization made the transition to quality service management software yet or are you still questioning whether you should make the investment? With the right software solution you will be working more efficiently, reduce costs and provide better service to your customers. Are you...

Why customer testimonials are your most powerful sales tool

10/06/2016 - Philip van Kemenade

In today’s marketing world it are no longer the suppliers and manufacturers who control the buying cycle by deciding what customers see, when they see it, and where they see it. Nowadays customers are already a majority of the way through the buying cycle before they reach out to a company. So what should you do now you are no longer in control over the buying cycle? To be successful you should cater to the customer research cycle and provide your customers content and information that helps them to make the right decision. One of the most powerful tools to use are customer testimonials and this is why: Customers are looking for proof/evidence of what you say Anyone can claim he or she is the best, but without evidence of your...


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