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BlogNo more paper and PDF, let’s invoice digitally

16/12/2016 - Joan Gaastra

You can make money with digital invoicing. Fortunately, most companies have already said goodbye to the paper invoice by post. The PDF invoice by e-mail however is still being sent out a lot. Nothing wrong with that, but it can be done even easier. Why would you invoice digitally? With digital invoicing you automatically exchange invoices between your system and the other party’s system. The exchange of these XML Invoices has some important advantages: Faster processing: Digital invoices do not end up on top of a pile of documents, but can be processed and paid directly by the other party’s software. Less mistakes: the invoicing process of a digital invoice takes less physical actions, which reduces the chance mistakes...

Outgoing documents, a must for every ERP system

09/12/2016 - Peter Gerhardt

Outgoing documents are an essential part of any ERP application. No matter how advanced and user-friendly the internal process has been supported by the software, it is no good software as long as you cannot produce a proper invoice from the system. Your business card Outgoing invoices, order...

The value of BI for your service department

02/12/2016 - René Welmerink

In the ERP system, all transactions (or at least a lot) that take place in your organization are registered. With a Business Intelligence tool, you analyze these transactions which provides you extremely valuable information. As an example I will take the service department, pre-eminently a...

Why you should integrate document management and ERP

25/11/2016 - Peter Conijn

Document management is not an easy task. Many organizations are struggling with the problems related with the processing and management of (paper) documents. A third party specialized in document management sets itself up as a lifesaver. Perfectly automated scanning, routing, storage, and retrieval...

The power of visual information

18/11/2016 - Philip van Kemenade

We live in a visual world. The information we get to see contains more and more visual elements. And that makes sense, because in comparison with plain text we find visual information much more attractive to consume, our brain processes it faster and it remains in our brain much better. How...

No service, no sales

11/11/2016 - Peter Gerhardt

As a passionate cyclist I have been buying all of my bikes at the same bike shop for many years now. The brand I ride is, purely looking at the components of the bike, similar to many other brands. Still, I keep coming back to the same brand and the same dealer. Why is that? Because the dealer knows me and my bike and knows what I want and what my bike needs. Additionally, he offers me excellent service and a nice cup of coffee. In fact, he puts into practice something we already know for a long time; service is a very important factor in retaining customers. What is service? There are numerous definitions of service. When problems are resolved adequately or when decent support is offered after a purchase, one speaks of a high...


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