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BlogTurn data into action with BI

07/06/2019 - Bjorn Schouten

Data in itself has little value for organizations. You need to know how to convert data into useful information that helps you to make the best decisions. With a thorough Business Intelligence approach, every organization can be assured of taking actions based on complete and accurate information. The value of BI In short, Business Intelligence means having insight into the performance of the organization. Thanks to automation and digitization, many companies have an enormous amount of data at their disposal. Financial data, sales figures, customer data, etc. All this data together forms a huge source of information, which tells a lot about the performance of the organization. With the right BI approach, you can turn this information into...

ERP is essential for your marketing and sales department

31/05/2019 - April Potts

Your Enterprise Resource Planning system holds a ton of information to manage your business successfully. A lot of the data in your ERP system is extremely relevant to your marketing and sales department. If you know more about your customers, you can exceed their expectations. ERP helps you to...

Customers are your greatest salesforce

24/05/2019 - Teun Arts

More than 60% of people trust the feedback of other customers, even if they don’t know them. A big difference with the trust customers place in salespeople. This offers opportunities for both your organization and for your customer. Important for the reputation of your company In my previous...

Your business consultant is not your best friend

17/05/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

The business consultant is your most important partner for optimizing and automating business processes. Someone with whom you want to build and maintain a good relationship. But improvement requires change. And that causes confrontations! You are confronted with everything that is organized...

5 tips how to make software demos fun

10/05/2019 - Philip van Kemenade

To make software demos a success, you need to captivate and even entertain people. By applying these 5 tips, your demo will not become a lengthy and boring story, but an interesting session that will pleasantly surprise the audience. 1. Show the highlights What is the purpose of a software demo?...

Why organizations should spend more time on customer retention

03/05/2019 - Teun Arts

Attracting new customers is a top priority for many companies. Also in the business services industry. Yet it is advisable for this type of companies to invest more time and energy in retaining customers instead of attracting new customers. Better chance of a sales deal with an existing customer than with a new customer In business services, the sales process for new business usually takes a very long time and competition is often fierce. From the longlist to the shortlist to the final decision, one party after the other is excluded from the selection process. The chance of a sales deal with a new customer is therefore very small, in many cases less than 10%. This is different for existing customers. They are familiar with your...


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