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BlogTips for creating work instructions for ERP software

10/02/2017 - Peter Gerhardt

An ERP implementation requires a lot from key users. Competences such as flexibility, thinking constructively, acting in the interest of the entire organization, a positive attitude and the willingness to implement changes are asked, if not demanded, from the key user. But the key user also needs to perform tasks that are of great importance during the implementation, but tasks that are also completely new to him/her. Think for example about thoroughly testing the software and creating work instructions. In this blog I focus on the work instructions, next time I will discuss testing the software. Why work instructions when you have manuals? Almost every ERP system comes with manuals. And they provide a lot of information. Sometimes...

The 4 crucial aspects of an ERP project

03/02/2017 - Alex Bouwmeester

Everyone knows the frightening stories about ERP implementations that terribly failed. Projects that last forever, go way over budget and/or never lead to the desired end result. Project management is for a big part about managing expectations. There are so many factors influencing the success of an...

Why you should integrate ERP and CRM

27/01/2017 - Daan Schuitmaker

The requirements of organizations regarding an ERP system can be totally different from the requirements to a CRM application. The systems are used for completely different purposes and often by different users within the organization as well. This results in ERP and CRM being two separate systems...

The value of self-service in ERP software

13/01/2017 - Tamara de Jong

Providing quality support is critical when it comes to ERP software. Users want to be helped quickly when they encounter a problem or have a question about the software. An expert service desk that can easily be reached by phone and email is of course a must. But equally important is self-service:...

4 tips for ERP key users

06/01/2017 - Peter Gerhardt

The key user plays an active and important role in the implementation of an ERP system, something which can be very enjoyable. Being motivated and enthusiastic are important characteristics of a key user, but still it will remain a difficult task. For many employees, the role of key user will be a...

Buying ERP? Pay attention to continuity!

23/12/2016 - Philip van Kemenade

When purchasing new ERP software, you do not decide in a rush. After all, it is a huge investment with a significant impact on your business. If you make the right choice, you will start working more efficiently and profitably. Making a wrong choice however, could - in the worst case - mean the end of your business. In the selection process most attention goes out to the software functionalities and processes, but what remains underexposed is CONTINUITY. While it is crucial not only to look at the present, but also to make the best choice towards the future! Continuity of the system You want a software solution that provides in your needs right now, but also remains the best choice in the future. Pay attention to: - Technology: A...


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