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Blog7 Risks when selecting new ERP software

19/02/2016 - Remko Gaastra

New ERP software brings new possibilities and opportunities. But it also entails great risks. I have listed the seven biggest risks according to entrepreneurs when moving to new ERP software. It is useful to know the risks, because then you will be better able to prevent your ERP implementation from failure. 1) Are my expectations realistic? It is not always clear what new ERP software is going to bring. Not even after attending an extensive demo of the software. It is therefore important to make clear agreements with the software supplier and to define the project in detail. It is also important to manage expectations well internally and to keep your staff well informed. 2) Could this step be too big for us? Moving to new ERP...

Don’t customize your software, try to change!

12/02/2016 - Peter Gerhardt

Let’s get straight to the point; the choice for new industry-specific ERP software has a huge impact on the existing methods and procedures of your company. After all, the new software, no matter how good, will never fit perfectly with the current business processes. Which means things need to...

Key users and their influence on the success of the implementation of ERP software

05/02/2016 - Alex Bouwmeester

No project without key users. The influence of key users on an ERP implementation can be huge, provided that the organization has made sufficient time available to spend on the project. In practice, we often see that it is difficult for key users to free up enough time for the project, which...

What is the added value of the software consultant?

29/01/2016 - Hems van Heek

From a software consultant you expect a thorough understanding of the software programs he or she installs and implements at your organization. But a good software consultant has much more to offer. He or she has specific knowledge of your industry and your business and manages to convert this...

4 Reasons why you need a mobile CRM application

22/01/2016 - Joan Gaastra

Does your organization have a sales department? Then you will most likely have software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), either as a separate application or as an integrated module of your ERP system. CRM software puts the customer at the heart and helps you to improve your competitive...

Why Change Management is critical in ERP implementations

15/01/2016 - Alex Bouwmeester

New ERP software can bring great benefits to your organization. At the same time, it has a huge impact on the organization and requires adjustment from all employees. "Implementation" is the assurance of processes in a software solution, processes are formed by (prescribed / used) methods and executed by your people. Often these processes are formed in the past (‘this is how we always do it’) or a consequence of the (im)possibilities of your current software solution. The most difficult step in every implementation is "letting go" of this process, to “view” it from a distance and to determine how it can be changed (improved). It are your people who execute the processes and will undergo the change. A third party who is familiar...


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