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BlogBe more productive by interfacing with your equipment management software

16/04/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

As an organization in sales, rental and service of machines / equipment, a powerful equipment management system is extremely important. But you can get even more out of your automation by realizing interfaces with other applications, both internally and externally. This increases your productivity, prevents errors and reduces costs. Describe the interface in detail You realize an interface between your equipment management system and another application to make processes run faster and easier. Consider, for example, ordering parts from a supplier where you place orders every day. An interface will save you time and money. Do not underestimate the importance of correctly describing the interface. You have to document down to the smallest...

Key steps to learn how to use new business software

09/04/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

A new business system takes some to get used to. A new user interface, some processes are different, you cannot find that function you are looking for, you need to get used to the new features, etc. How do you ensure that during the transition to a new business system you, as a user, are fully in...

Is your ERP partner an equipment management specialist?

26/03/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Knowledge of software and IT is not enough for an ERP partner to successfully help your organization in the sales, rental and service of equipment. Your ERP partner must know all the ins and outs of the equipment industry in order to help you realize the ambitions of your organization. It’s a...

5 reasons to optimize your business processes

19/03/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Your company, your customers and the world around you are constantly on the move. That means you will always have to look critically at your business processes. What can you improve? Perhaps with the help of software tools? Optimizing processes provides great benefits: 1. You work more...

Prevent a failed ERP project!

12/03/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

One of the biggest nightmares of a company’s managers: an ERP project that completely fails. Yet you have much more control and influence on the success of the ERP implementation than you think. This is what you should pay attention to, to make your ERP project a success. 1. Know exactly what...

The 4 most important requirements to your business system

26/02/2021 - Philip van Kemenade

Every company has different requirements to a business system. The industry in which you operate plays an important role in this. Still, there are a few requirements that should be a high priority for any organization. How well does your business system meet these 4 requirements? 1. A future-proof, stable, proven successful business system In business software you need stability. A solid software solution provided by a knowledgeable partner with the right expertise and a successful track record. After all, it is about the future of your company. Therefore, work with a business system that is developed on a strong platform, which has been successfully used by similar organizations for many years and which will also be supported and...


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