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BlogDecision-making in the ERP implementation

18/08/2017 - Luuk Busschers

An ERP implementation is not just about software. Much more important are the business processes in your organization. A new ERP system can help you work more efficiently, provide better service or gain more insight into the business. But ultimately you and your colleagues decide on the work procedures. And that means you have to take decisions. Bad decision-making slows down the implementation During the ERP implementation, the project group faces various choices regarding the business processes. Do you turn right or left? Each and every choice has advantages and disadvantages with a big impact on the daily operations. This makes it difficult to take decisions. Ultimately, you will have to decide, and though it is important to...

A computer in every machine

11/08/2017 - Philip van Kemenade

You might remember Microsoft’s mission statement: “Put a computer on every desk and in every home.” That was during the pc revolution. And it happened. A computer on every desk, in every home and eventually in every pocket. A family of services and devices It was then in 2013 that...

ERP implementation? Work on your processes!

04/08/2017 - Peter Gerhardt

The implementation of an industry-specific software solution goes hand in hand with changing the business processes used before the implementation (see my previous blog ‘Standard software? Does it exist?’). This cannot be avoided. And at the start of each implementation, everyone agrees with...

Focus on what really matters in the ERP implementation

28/07/2017 - Luuk Busschers

An ERP implementation is a time-consuming project. One of the most important aspects in order to turn it into a success is 'focus'. Do not try to include everything in the project, do not hang on too much on details or minor issues and be determined when it comes to making decisions. Do...

Are you ready for ERP?

21/07/2017 - Philip van Kemenade

The software you use grows together with your organization. In small businesses, a lot is done with pen and paper and in Excel lists and most of the knowledge is simply in the heads of the employees. If your company is already a bit bigger, there is a growing need for automation and digitization to...

Management by exception in the service department

14/07/2017 - Joan Gaastra

The (field)service department in your organization is the ideal department for achieving great results by streamlining business processes. An important rule to apply here is 'management by exception'. Management by exception In order to work efficiently, you try to make all processes run as smooth and fast as possible without you interfering or taking action. But there are always situations that deviate from how the business process should normally go and thus require special attention. You want those situations to be solved by a select group of employees who are specialized in this and have the mandate to take decisions. That is management by exception. Imagine one of your technicians is on site with the customer for a repair...


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