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BlogERP support: 4 benefits of a support site

24/04/2020 - Wilbert Schreurs

From time to time you have questions about how to use your ERP system and you want those questions to be answered as quickly as possible. However, it is best not to pick up the phone or send an email, but to submit a ticket in an online support environment. 1. You will be helped faster Tickets submitted through a support site are picked up faster than questions by email or phone. With a ticket, the support desk immediately sees to which customer the ticket is related, which version of the software, a description of the problem, possibly clarified with screenshots or attachments. As a result, the question can be answered immediately or be assigned to the right specialist. No emails back and forth to get information complete or telephone...

Coronavirus and minimal risk of contamination in your warehouse

17/04/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

For companies with a warehouse or distribution center it is extra difficult, but also extra important, to take good measures regarding the coronavirus. What can you do to protect the health of employees and other people in the best way possible? General guidelines The minimum you should do is of...

Online support; more important than ever before

10/04/2020 - Tamara de Jong

Helping customers remotely. For some companies, the most normal thing in the world for years, for others something that they are forced to learn because of the corona virus. In many industries it is possible to offer online support and it benefits both you and your customers. 24/7 digital...

This is why everybody loves Microsoft Teams

03/04/2020 - Philip van Kemenade

Recently, the use of Microsoft Teams has increased enormously. Of course this has to do with the coronavirus, which forces companies to work from home as much as possible. But Microsoft Teams is also by far the best solution available now to communicate and work together remotely, in a pleasant...

Webinars: an effective tool in times of the coronavirus

27/03/2020 - René van der Linden

These are unusual times. The impact of the coronavirus on society is enormous. And so are the consequences for businesses. Many companies have closed their doors and empower employees to continue their work from home as well as they possibly can. This requires changes in your policy, the way you...

Working from home, 4 advantages and 4 disadvantages

20/03/2020 - Teun Arts

Because of the coronavirus, many companies have taken the necessary measures to allow their employees to work from home as much as possible. Working from home has advantages and disadvantages. With the right policy, you will enjoy the advantages and limit the disadvantages.   4 advantages   1. No travel time and no travel costs: No more traffic jams, no time lost on traveling, you feel less tired and of course you have no travel costs. Without a doubt one of the most important advantages of working from home. 2. Higher productivity: Research shows that with the right facilities, clear agreements with the employer and a tight planning, employees are more productive from home than at the office. You work more comfortable, you are...


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