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BlogWhat is new in NAV 2017?

28/10/2016 - Remko Gaastra

From October 12 to 14, the biggest Microsoft Dynamics NAV event in Europe took place in Prague: Directions EMEA. With 1754 participants from 588 companies Directions EMEA 2016 was a record-breaking Dynamics NAV event. What triggers most visitors to come to Directions EMEA is of course an insight into new capabilities in Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 surely comes with some great new features that many customers will enjoy. I have briefly summed up what’s new in NAV 2017: Bringing two worlds together Microsoft comes with enhanced Office 365 experience and embedded Power BI in NAV 2017. NAV 2017 integrates with your calendar and e-mail and allows you to manually synchronize your NAV contacts to Office 365 people...

Look for an ERP partner, not an ERP vendor

21/10/2016 - Philip van Kemenade

ERP software can make or break your business. But besides the software, the party that implements and supports the ERP system is also of crucial importance. After all, this party will help you to: - benefit the most of the capabilities of the ERP system - optimize the system and your business...

Quality rental software, not as easy as you think it is

14/10/2016 - Peter Gerhardt

For companies that rent out goods a simple software solution might seem sufficient. You need goods, a rental price, a rental period and a customer who would like to rent it from you. Not really complicated you might say. So with a simple piece of software you should be up and running quickly...

How to create great looking quotes in Word

07/10/2016 - Joan Gaastra

You want to present your quote in a professional looking document, but it should not take you hours to do this. Wouldn’t it be great to have your quote finished within just a couple of mouse clicks? Building blocks The way to do this is by using so called building blocks in Microsoft Word...

How complete is your ERP system?

30/09/2016 - Philip van Kemenade

With ERP software you can increase your organization's productivity, control costs and optimally serve your customers. To achieve this, an ERP system is an integrated software solution that can support almost all processes within your organization. In other words; a complete solution. But how...

6 key factors for a successful ERP software implementation

23/09/2016 - Alex Bouwmeester

The success of an ERP implementation depends on a lot of variables. It is therefore impossible to have complete control over the project. However, you can significantly increase the chances of success by having control over a few factors of crucial importance: 1. Implementation is change A new ERP system almost always brings a new way of working. From the boardroom to the workshop, from sales to administration, the whole organization has to deal with change. Therefore, change management is an important part in the project from beginning to end. Involve employees in the project from the selection of the new system until after the go-live. You do this by informing them properly, giving them a voice in system selection, process changes...


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