1 reason why you do not want to be an ERP key user and 5 why you do

When the company you work for is considering the purchase and implementation of a new ERP system several employees need to be involved. They will be asked whether they are willing to participate as a key user on behalf of their department in choosing the right ERP system and, when a system and supplier have been selected, participate in the implementation of the ERP system.

Why you might say NO

If you are being asked for this and you are questioning whether you should commit yourself to this process, here is the only reason why not to do so: It takes time! Time which should become available, if the implementation is properly managed, by handing over (a part of) your normal tasks and activities to your co-workers.

Why you should say YES

If you are still hesitating, here are five reasons why you should definitely accept the challenge.

1. The fact that you are being asked for this role indicates that you are viewed as the authority in your department regarding functional processes.

2. You will get a better understanding of how the various departments operate and interact, also because of the integrated nature of an ERP system.

3. You represent the interests of your department. As each department has its own demands and requirements in the selection and the deployment of the new ERP system, you can ensure that your department will also benefit optimally from the new ERP solution.

4. You will be involved in process optimization, for processes within your own department as well as for processes across departments. An ERP implementation will almost certainly change the way you currently do your job. Not only during the implementation, but also in optimization projects after go-live you will remain involved in optimizing the different processes.

5. You will be the first contact person for your colleagues. After all, you were one of the first to be involved in the ERP project, which gives you an enormous knowledge advantage over your colleagues, especially during and immediately after go-live.

An ERP implementation is hardly ever easy and requires a lot from an organization. As a key user you can contribute significantly. The reasons stated above demonstrate that it also entails responsibility. The choice is yours ...

Peter Gerhardt is Senior Lead Consultant Logistics at Dysel and helps customers achieve maximum results with business software.