Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Keep track of your equipment configuration

Keep track of your equipment configuration

Configuration management

Our configuration management tools help you to perfectly keep track of your equipment configuration over time. Because we know that from the moment you purchase an equipment object until it is end of life cycle, you need to know its exact configuration. The manufacturer options, the customizations you did to meet your customer’s requirements and the modifications that occur over time. 

Advanced configuration management is of crucial importance for your sales, rental, service, parts and finance departments. We enable you to take decisions regarding your equipment fleet based on complete and correct information about its configuration, value and history.

Detailed insight into your equipment configuration

When you order an equipment object, you have a variety of manufacturer options to choose from and you can customize or enhance the equipment object in your own workshop. We guide you through this entire process, by creating the purchase order, managing the configuration of the object and creating a work order for your service department.

The purchase and customization of your equipment object affect multiple departments of your organization. Finance needs to know how this impacts the book value. The service planning needs to schedule the work order and obtain the spare parts required for the job. And the sales price, rental rates and lease rates are affected by the object configuration. With the help of our advanced configuration management system, all of this is taken care of. Your entire organization will have a detailed insight into the configuration of your equipment from day one.

We help you to perfectly keep track of your equipment configuration from cradle to grave.

Configuration management throughout the equipment lifecycle

During the equipment lifecycle, the configuration can change. You might substitute parts or add components to enhance a used piece of equipment. Our configuration management software includes change management tools so that your whole organization is assured of access to complete information regarding the status of your equipment fleet throughout the entire lifecycle. That means you have accurate financial information, correct sales prices, correct rental and lease rates, and you can provide your customer the best matching piece of equipment.

Want to know more about equipment configuration management? Ask our experts for a demo or contact us directly for more information, we’ll tell you all about it!

"A perfect insight into your equipment configuration is essential for optimal decision-making."




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