“Solving problems for people, that is what I enjoy"

Dennis Beekman (36) from Borne recently joined Dysel in the role of software tester. In addition to testing the software to improve the quality, Dennis will also work on the documentation of the software and will occasionally perform support-related work.

Extensive experience in support

Dennis has extensive experience in providing support to customers of leading brands such as Philips, Logitech, Vtech and MacAfee. “For many years I have provided support by telephone in Dutch, English and German to customers of consumer and professional electronics. I also provided technical support to customers of internet provider Online.nl. I really enjoy solving problems for people.” Before coming to Dysel, Dennis worked as a B2C Customer Service Agent at Air France-KLM.

"At Dysel, I get to work every day with colleagues with different expertise, whom I can learn a lot from."

Broadly oriented

At Dysel, Dennis mainly works on testing and monitoring the quality of the software, but he also sees opportunities to develop in other areas and to contribute in different ways to the organization. “I would really like to learn how to program, something I find very interesting. And my experience as a system and network administrator can be valuable. At Dysel, I get to work every day with colleagues with different expertise, whom I can learn a lot from.”

Linux user group

In his spare time, Dennis also enjoys working with technology. “I am a member of a Linux user group, a popular server system for businesses. Together we solve problems for people, and we discuss and test new features. My other passion is with model trains. As a member of the Twentse Modelspoorweg Club I am working on the technology under the railway tracks.”

Want to get to know Dennis? You can contact him at d.beekman@dysel.com or telephone number +31 (0) 74 205 11 99.




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