Release Service Pack ELC18-1111

Dysel announces the release of Service Pack ELC18-1111. Several important aspects of Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution have been improved.


The Credit Management functionality has been enriched with some new features. Customers have more control over their settings and can indicate when they wish to receive credit notifications. Settings can differ per document type; for a work order a customer might prefer other credit settings than for a sales order. Also new is the possibility to enable users to set a customer’s budget directly on the work order.


The looks of the Graphic Planboard have been improved and it has become easier to use. Users can fill in all their appointments and tasks, and this is connected to the hours registration. Planned tasks can easily be moved and can be spread over multiple days and multiple resources.


Dysel has created manuals with instructions to directly benefit from these updates in ELC.