Reesink Technische Handel live with Dysel’s dealer management system

With the end of 2017 in sight, Reesink Technische Handel in Apeldoorn went live with Dysel's dealer management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV + Equipment Life Cycle. Reesink Technische Handel focuses on the sales of agricultural machines to agricultural equipment companies in the Netherlands. The added value of Reesink Technische Handel consists of providing adequate information and advice and providing excellent service.


As a subsidiary of Royal Reesink N.V., Reesink Technische Handel is part of a fast-growing organization with more than 1,200 employees working for many companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Various parts of Royal Reesink N.V. have been provided with Dysel's equipment management software enabling them to save costs, increase margins and make the best decisions for the organization.


Dysel is looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Reesink Technische Handel. Dysel and Reesink Technische Handel have worked together intensively over the past few months in order to set up the system optimally and to prepare the users thoroughly for learning how to work with the new software. This go-live is not the end; on the contrary, now our partnership really starts!




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