"Process descriptions must be clear to everyone"

Redmar Gaastra is a third-year student Industrial Engineering at Avans Hogeschool in Tilburg and is currently an intern at Dysel. He investigates how the process descriptions for customers can be improved.

Mapping processes

Dysel's customers are active in sales, rental and service of serial numbered equipment. An industry that Dysel knows inside and out because of the more than 200 implementations that have been carried out at equipment dealers all over the world. This industry knowledge is incorporated in the Dysel Core methodology. Part of the Dysel Core are the process descriptions that explain step by step the processes of equipment dealers. Redmar investigates how the processes can be made even more efficient: “I want to optimize the process descriptions by looking critically at where a process can be faster, easier or better. Ultimately, Dysel's customers benefit from this because they start working more efficiently.”

"I look critically at where a process can be faster, easier or better."

The bar is high, but there is a lot of room for your own input

The Industrial Engineering study imposes strict requirements to the internship assignment of its students. “It needs to be a challenging assignment with clear results for the company. Dysel has developed the Dysel Core to help customers work efficiently and successfully. With my knowledge, I contribute to refining the Dysel Core methodology and that leads to shorter implementation projects and more satisfied customers. Dysel gave me a lot of freedom in the details of the assignment. Together we have come to an interesting assignment that is instructive for me and for Dysel.”

Bring process descriptions back to basics

Redmar realizes that process descriptions are used by many different employees. “Process descriptions must therefore be clear to everyone. An unclear or too complicated process description is not useful. When improving the process descriptions, I am constantly thinking that every staff member of Dysel's customers must understand the process steps and handle them all successfully. Many of the processes are also connected to each other. I map out the main processes and which sub-processes are connected to them. The result should become an overview of all processes and their mutual relationship."

Are you also interested in a fun and challenging internship assignment at Dysel? Then call our office at (0)74-205 11 99 and ask for Tamara de Jong.




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