NEW: Release of Dysels mobile application EveryWare 1.15.1

Dysel constantly works on improving the mobile application EveryWare and adding new features. Version 1.15.1 includes some interesting improvements for the more than 1,000 users worldwide and of course for all equipment dealers who are still looking for a complete solution for automating the field service department.

  • Select a user profile:

In the EveryWare Setup you can associate a user with a user profile. This enables you to control which information a user can and cannot see and/or change.

  • Automatic updates:

Starting with this version of EveryWare (1.15.1), automatic updating of EveryWare is fully supported again, both for the Windows and Android version.

  • Improved picture uploading:

If (for example due to a bad connection) you fail to upload pictures from EveryWare to ELC, up to 5 attempts will be made to upload the pictures automatically.

  • Improvements in taking pictures:

Various improvements have been made in the process of taking pictures. This makes it easier for technicians to take a picture, save it and add it to the system.

Does your organization already work with Dysels EveryWare and do you want to get started with EveryWare 1.15.1? Contact us and we will tell you which steps are required. You can also contact us for the full release notes of EveryWare 1.15.1.

Do you not yet use EveryWare, but do you also want to work more efficiently and successfully by having access to data in your ERP system always and everywhere? We are happy to show you the possibilities in a customized demo.