NEW: Release of Dysel’s mobile application EveryWare 1.14.2

The new version of Dysel’s mobile application EveryWare has been released. More than 1,000 users worldwide work with EveryWare every day to do their jobs easier and faster. EveryWare 1.14.2 includes some interesting improvements and new features:

  • Open the Maps app on your device:

Maps will no longer be opened within the EveryWare app. The Maps app on your device will open instead. Perfect for immediately starting directions to your destination.

  • Choose a photo from the photo gallery:

Taking and adding a photo is very easy with EveryWare. In addition to taking a new photo, the option has been added to select an image from the photo gallery of your device.

  • Add a photo to a work order quotation:

When creating a work order quotation, it can be important to add a photo. For example of the damage or the defect. This is possible in EveryWare 1.14.2.

  • Select the preferred quality of photos:

Users can now determine the quality of photos in EveryWare themselves. Do you want to limit data traffic and/or mind the limited storage space? Choose for a low quality. Do you need a sharp photo? Choose for a high quality.

  • Receive a copy of your sent e-mail:

When you send an e-mail from EveryWare you now have the option to receive a copy of it in your inbox. Your e-mail address is in the blind cc, so this is not visible to the recipient(s).

Does your organization already work with Dysel’s EveryWare and do you want to get started with EveryWare 1.14.2? Contact us and we will tell you which steps are required. You can also contact us for the full release notes of EveryWare 1.14.2.

Do you not yet use EveryWare, but do you also want to work more efficiently and successfully by having access to data in your ERP system always and everywhere? We are happy to show you the possibilities in a customized demo.




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