NEW: Release of Dysel’s EveryWare 1.18.1

More than 1,100 employees of equipment management organizations around the world rely every day on the power of Dysel’s mobile application EveryWare. We are therefore continuously working on improving EveryWare and adding features that enhance the user experience and contribute to the performance.

These are the most important improvements and new features in Dysel’s EveryWare 1.18.1:

  • Create a new object, online and offline:

As a service technician it is now possible to create a new object in EveryWare. For example, for when you see an unknown object at the customer site that needs service. This functionality is also available offline.

  • Modify object information:

Some information about an object can be modified by users of EveryWare, if it is incorrect. Consider, for example, the serial number, fleet number or the sales date. There is also information that cannot be modified, such as the object model or object type.

  • Select a consolidated invoice for a new service visit:

When creating a new service visit, the technician can now select in EveryWare to which consolidated invoice the job belongs. A consolidated invoice can be used, for example, when objects are related to each other or for multiple objects of the same category.

"You can also contact us for the full release notes of EveryWare 1.18.1."

  • Permissions per user:

You can now set at the user level whether or not someone can create a new work order or a new service visit.

  • Warning for open transfer orders:

You now have the option to set a warning to appear when a service visit is closed with transfer orders still being open. The technician may have used a part but forgot to close the transfer order. This warning helps to organize the spare parts administration. This is an optional setting.

  • Select a default language:

You can now select a default language for EveryWare, which can then be modified per user. The technician does not have to do this himself, plus you can monitor whether technicians log in in with the correct language.

Does your organization already work with Dysels EveryWare and do you want to get started with EveryWare 1.18.1? Contact us and we will tell you which steps are required. You can also contact us for the full release notes of EveryWare 1.18.1.

Do you not yet use EveryWare, but do you also want to work more efficiently and successfully by having access to data in your ERP system always and everywhere? We are happy to show you the possibilities in a customized demo.

Tamara de Jong

Product Manager

Tamara de Jong has been working at Dysel since 2016. In the role of Product Manager, she is responsible for the development department, monitors the quality of the software and sets priorities for new developments. Tamara is passionate and accurate. Together with her team she strives for top quality, always in cooperation with other teams and with the interests of the customer first.

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