Meulenbroek Afvalpersen is live on Dysel’s ELC

For Meulenbroek Afvalpersen the year 2012 has started with going live on Dysel’s Equipment Life Cycle (ELC) solution. Meulenbroek is using Dysel’s successful software solutions since 1999. The transition to ELC strongly improves Meulenbroek’s IT environment and will give them a great deal of confidence for the upcoming years.


Meulenbroek Afvalpersen is located in Enschede (The Netherlands) and produces, sells and rents a wide variety of garbage compactors. Their products reduce the garbage volume, with lower transport costs as a consequence.


An upgrade to NAV 2009, combined with ELC, perfectly fits the needs of Meulenbroek regarding creating proposals, production, service, maintenance, rental contracts, and all corresponding financial flows.