Ketelonderhoud Jonker live with new version NAV + ELC

After approximately four months of preparation, training and the implementation of optimizations, Ketelonderhoud Jonker and Dysel completed the migration to NAV 2017 + ELC 22 last weekend. This marks the start of a new chapter in the successful long-term partnership between Ketelonderhoud Jonker and Dysel.


Ketelonderhoud Jonker employs ninety people at the branches in Moerkapelle, Tilburg and Leeuwarden (all in the Netherlands). Together they work on one stop shop steam solutions and ensure that the installations, including all steam-related pipes and components, continue to function optimally at customer sites. Ketelonderhoud Jonker relies on two pillars: quality and safety. These two core values ​​form the guideline of the organization. Since 2010, Dysel has been Ketelonderhoud Jonker’s partner in the areas of ERP software and business consultancy. With Dysel's NAV + ELC in combination with Dysel's mobile application EveryWare Service, Ketelonderhoud Jonker has the perfect tools to support the operational processes and to facilitate the growth of the organization.


Ab de Kwaadsteniet from Dysel managed the migration from NAV 2009 + ELC 18 to NAV 2017 + ELC 22 as the lead consultant and is pleased with the growing enthusiasm during the project within the Ketelonderhoud Jonker organization, from management as well as key users and end users. After the go-live, Dysel's team remains closely involved with Ketelonderhoud Jonker to monitor the processes and functioning of the software. "We will probably encounter some issues, but I am convinced that we will overcome those issues."


Henny Both, information manager at Ketelonderhoud Jonker, is pleased with the go-live and with the completion of the first phase of the plan to optimize the business processes together with Dysel. "In recent weeks, a very positive atmosphere has arised regarding this migration and users are eager to start working with the new system."


The go-live of the new version is not the end point for Dysel and Ketelonderhoud Jonker, but rather the starting point for optimizations. By looking critically at the business processes and how these are supported by the system, we will find out how Ketelonderhoud Jonker can work more efficiently and successfully. Those optimizations will be implemented gradually.


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