"Equipment dealers can save a lot of time in service planning"

To schedule work orders for field service technicians in the most optimal way. It is one of the biggest challenges for equipment dealers. Habbo Gaastra investigated this topic during his graduation internship at Dysel for the study Informatica (Computer Science) at Hogeschool Rotterdam (the Netherlands). And it turns out equipment dealers can make a lot of progress in optimizing their service planning.

Service planning can be complicated

Habbo explains that many factors must be taken into account. “First of all, you have all the work orders that must be assigned every day to all your service technicians. This can be for preventive maintenance, but also for a breakdown repair. The service technicians operate in different regions and have different skills. In addition, it is required to respond timely to customer service requests and the work must be divided evenly among the technicians."

"Automated planning is interesting for every equipment dealer with a field service department."

To plan faster and better

Habbo has used its knowledge and skills in the field of Computer Science to develop a tool that automatically schedules work orders within minutes. “Automated planning is interesting for every equipment dealer with a field service department. The planning proposed by the tool takes better account of all factors and circumstances than you can do manually. But you can always change the schedule afterwards based on your preferences. Equipment dealers can save a lot of time in service planning, because they plan faster and better."

Very valuable for our customers

Tamara de Jong is Product Owner at Dysel and has supervised Habbo during his graduation assignment. “At Dysel, we deploy smart software solutions to help our customers in the equipment industry overcome their challenges, and that is exactly what Habbo has done. In the next couple of months, we will optimize this planning tool and see how we can integrate it into our ERP solution. We are very happy with Habbo's efforts and it says enough that he has graduated with a 7.5 (on 10)!”

Are you a student in Computer Science, IT or (technical) business administration and would you like to gain experience at Dysel? Contact Tamara de Jong, via t.dejong@dysel.com or telephone number +31 (0) 74 205 11 99.




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