"As a software engineer you have to be critical and precise"

Develop a solution that enables customers of Dysel to better plan and organize transport. That is the challenge for Thijs Brummelhuis (22) during his internship at Dysel. “I saw Dysel's assignment and was immediately enthusiastic about it. Drivers will soon be using a software solution that I've been working on, how great is that!"

The final step to becoming a software engineer

Thijs lives in Haaksbergen with his parents and has a younger brother and sister. In his spare time, he regularly goes to the gym, hangs out with friends and likes to visit festivals. Thijs expects to graduate in November of this year from Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede, on the HBO-ICT course, in the specialization Software Engineering. “There are three specializations; Business ICT, IT & Service Management and Software Engineering. The latter appeals to me the most. I find big data very interesting and love the challenge of software programming.”

"Drivers will soon be using a software solution that I’ve been working on, how great is that!"

Remote internship

The corona measures also impact Thijs' internship at Dysel. He works from home instead of in the office with colleagues. “That makes it a bit more difficult. You now send a message via Teams instead of walking to someone's desk. Fortunately, I receive excellent guidance from Dysel. Every day, I’m in contact with Tamara de Jong, product manager at Dysel, about the progress of my assignment and for specific development questions I have a lot of contact with Peter Conijn, an experienced software developer.” Thijs has experienced at Dysel that working remotely does not mean that an employer can no longer pay attention to its staff. “At the start of my internship, I received a welcome package with chocolate from Dysel. My parents were already wondering what I had ordered! I think that personal attention from a company to employees is very important.”

A good developer is critical and precise

For Thijs, the work of a software developer goes much further than just programming code. “As a software engineer you have to be critical and precise. You must form an overall picture of the assignment you are working on and ensure that you develop what the customer actually needs. That may require asking the customer a few extra questions.” Before Thijs starts his career in software development, he will be working hard on his graduation assignment in the coming months. Until November, Thijs will work on his assignment at Dysel and try to gain as much knowledge and skills as possible that are important for his ambitions as a software engineer.

Would you like to do an internship at Dysel, just like Thijs? Please contact our HR Officer Cynthia Peperkamp, ​​via c.peperkamp@dysel.com or telephone number +31 (0) 6-81295965.

Philip van Kemenade

Marketing Manager

Philip van Kemenade completed his Marketing Management studies at Tilburg University in 2010 and has been working for Dysel since 2011. As Marketing Manager he is responsible for the branding, appearance and proposition of Dysel. Due to his extensive experience in helping equipment dealers, he knows the challenges in the industry and he works every day on aligning Dysel's products and services to the requirements and wishes of the customer.

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