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BlogMake your job easier with role-based business software

16/09/2016 - Hems van Heek

Business software often comprises a wide variety of functionalities. For the average user, a large part of the features of the software is not relevant to his or her daily activities. Role-based business software then comes in very handy; you log in as a type of user and get to see only the information that is relevant to you. No more endless navigating through all the menus and screens or struggling for hours to find the information you are looking for, but perform your work quickly and easily. Role-based It goes without saying that the financial manager has completely different information needs than the service manager. With role-based business software both users log on with a different 'profile'. The financial manager...

Which rights in the ERP system do I assign to my people?

15/04/2016 - Hems van Heek

An ERP system is used to support a variety of business processes. It is used by various departments and therefore provides a wealth of information and opportunities. But you do not want every user in the system to have the same rights. Think for instance about placing orders or paying invoices. But...

What is the added value of the software consultant?

29/01/2016 - Hems van Heek

From a software consultant you expect a thorough understanding of the software programs he or she installs and implements at your organization. But a good software consultant has much more to offer. He or she has specific knowledge of your industry and your business and manages to convert this...


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