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Blog The Graphical Dispatch Board: a blessing for the service department

07/05/2021 - Arend Jan Boersma

Efficient service planning is of great value to equipment dealers. Planning and carrying out maintenance, repairs and inspections on objects becomes much easier with a Graphical Dispatch Board. Does your organization already a GDB? Work more pleasant with a visual representation of the service planning A graphical dispatch board is a visual representation of the planning of the service department. Including a timeline, your service technicians and the work orders that you can assign. Visual information is much easier and faster to absorb than non-visual information. You can quickly see the planning in one overview on a graphical dispatch board. And you can easily adjust the screen. For example, you can view technicians per branch or per...

Top benefits of automating your service department

05/06/2020 - Arend Jan Boersma

Customers of equipment dealers expect top quality service and maintenance. To be able to meet these expectations, the entire process from service planning to invoicing must be perfectly organized. And that requires good automation. These are the key benefits of automating your service...

Maximize equipment service revenue with field service software

23/08/2019 - Arend Jan Boersma

Equipment dealers make more money on service and maintenance on machinery and equipment than on the initial sales. Margins on sales have come under pressure in recent years, while the revenues from service and maintenance contracts are becoming increasingly interesting. Thorough automation of the...

4 requirements to your field service planning tool

05/07/2019 - Arend Jan Boersma

To ensure that your field service department operates as efficiently as possible, a good planning tool is required. These are 4 important features that a field service planning tool should have: Easy to use The (field) service planner wants to work efficiently and pleasantly. That becomes easy...

Keep your mobile field service solution simple

14/06/2019 - Arend Jan Boersma

Automating the work of service technicians in the workplace and in the field with a field service solution yields some important advantages. But the key to success is simplicity. Only then will the use of the field service solution become a success. Simple processes Nobody likes complex processes...

Improve your field service department with management by exception

07/12/2018 - Arend Jan Boersma

One of the most important requirements for your field service department is the fast and efficient handling of work orders. Customers expect a high level of service from your technicians, but also count on being helped quickly and against low costs. That asks for a proper organization of your processes on the service department. The principle of 'management by exception' can help you with this. What is management by exception? In the case of management by exception, managers delegate tasks to their staff members without checking them or intervening, as long as the results meet predefined objectives. The management will therefore only act 'by exception'. Often, the decision to inform or engage management is also delegated to the staff...


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