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Blog Online support; more important than ever before

10/04/2020 - Tamara de Jong

Helping customers remotely. For some companies, the most normal thing in the world for years, for others something that they are forced to learn because of the corona virus. In many industries it is possible to offer online support and it benefits both you and your customers. 24/7 digital self-support You can offer online support through a support site, a customer portal, or an app. In all cases, it comes down to offering your customers the opportunity of digital, self-support at any time. This brings us to the three major benefits of online support: Open 24/7: customers do not depend on your opening hours, but solve their problems and raise their questions whenever they want to. Digital: no need for customers to travel to the office...

The power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

26/04/2019 - Tamara de Jong

Access to the right information at the right time is now more important than ever before for most organizations. A powerful ERP system supports you in this. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers some important benefits that provide your company a head start on the competition. Modern...

5 capabilities every Product Owner should have

05/10/2018 - Tamara de Jong

You might have heard of 'agile working' in relation to software development. With this approach you assume that the circumstances can change during the development process, you respond to that and by doing so, you ensure a good end result. One form of agile working is the scrum method. This...

These are your ERP support options

22/06/2018 - Tamara de Jong

Support is of crucial importance when using ERP software. After all, you want to take full advantage of your system. There are many ways to ensure that you are quickly helped with your questions and problems related to your ERP system. Fix it yourself! Nothing is as quick and easy as answering...

The value of self-service in ERP software

13/01/2017 - Tamara de Jong

Providing quality support is critical when it comes to ERP software. Users want to be helped quickly when they encounter a problem or have a question about the software. An expert service desk that can easily be reached by phone and email is of course a must. But equally important is self-service:...


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