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BlogData administration in Business Central

17/12/2021 - Peter Conijn

New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Data Administration. This gives you even more control over all data in your ERP system. But what exactly is it, how does it work and why is this new feature so important to you as a Business Central user? Grip on your data in Business Central With data administration, you can view all the records in all companies in a database and archive or delete obsolete data or compress old entries. These tasks can even be automated. This will help keep the database small and therefore faster. Microsoft has significantly improved the Data Administration: Enhancements in analyzing the data Improvements in how to handle and compress data Archiving data Instructions how to implement Data...

Centralized pricing management in Business Central

19/11/2021 - Peter Conijn

Microsoft is continuously improving and expanding Business Central. At Dysel we follow these developments closely. We anticipate timely, so that our customers immediately benefit from new features and functionalities. In 2022, I expect centralized pricing management to become part of Business...

Developing new software features? Keep this in mind!

16/03/2018 - Peter Conijn

With new software functionalities you need to look much broader and further than just the problem and the solution you develop for this. The new features you develop have an impact on your organization, on other business processes and data, on the future, on other applications... in other words: on...

Why you should integrate document management and ERP

25/11/2016 - Peter Conijn

Document management is not an easy task. Many organizations are struggling with the problems related with the processing and management of (paper) documents. A third party specialized in document management sets itself up as a lifesaver. Perfectly automated scanning, routing, storage, and retrieval...

The power of web services

06/05/2016 - Peter Conijn

For nearly all organizations exchanging information with other parties is becoming increasingly important. Due to technological developments in the last few decades this has become much easier. The deployment of web services plays an important role. Communication between systems goes fast and easy...


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