When you choose for Microsoft’s ERP you choose for continuity

You buy an ERP system with the intention to make use of it for a long time. You want to create a basis for growth of your business of which you will benefit for many years. The continuity of your business is at stake, so the continuity of the ERP system and the ERP vendor are extremely important. Then choosing Microsoft’s ERP software is more than logical.

The world's most popular ERP software

More than 230,000 companies worldwide rely on a day to day basis on Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. With five different products, Microsoft offers a suitable solution for every organization. Below is the breakdown of the number of companies per Dynamics product. The figures are from 2015.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: 20,000 companies
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP: 47.000 companies
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV: 110,000 companies
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL: 13.500 companies
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: 40,000+ companies


The advantages of Microsoft technology

Everyone is familiar with popular Microsoft products like Word, Excel and Outlook. Almost every organization uses one or more Microsoft applications every day. By choosing Microsoft’s ERP software you will benefit from seamless integration between your ERP system and other Microsoft products. That means increased efficiency and ease of use in respect to, for example, your documents, reports and e-mail.

Hundreds of Microsoft partners

In the Microsoft Partner Network are hundreds of partners specialized in Microsoft’s ERP software. This means you are never on your own. Your business can be supported by many partners in many countries.

Not every Microsoft partner is the same of course. The same goes for all Microsoft-based ERP solutions. Microsoft partners often specialize in one or more industries to offer organizations in those industries an excellent solution. Therefore, always choose a partner with experience in your industry who knows exactly what type of challenges your organization faces.

Philip van Kemenade is marketer at Dysel and is in contact with software end users every day.




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