What is the added value of the software consultant?

From a software consultant you expect a thorough understanding of the software programs he or she installs and implements at your organization. But a good software consultant has much more to offer. He or she has specific knowledge of your industry and your business and manages to convert this knowledge into advice and guidance that helps your business move forward and he makes sure you get maximum value from your business software solution.

Extensive industry knowledge

A good software consultant knows that software is not a goal in itself but a means to achieve goals. Therefore, more important than knowledge of the software is a thorough knowledge of the industry. Only a consultant that knows the industry-specific problems and issues that your organization faces is able to help you successfully. The software consultant takes a critical look at how your business processes can be improved and how you can make optimal use of the software. This way he or she contributes to the realization of your business objectives as an entrepreneur.

Strategic partner

A software consultant adds value by looking beyond the software application itself. He or she acts as a sparring partner for you on a strategic and organizational level. An experienced and skilled software consultant thinks along with you, advices you and helps you to improve your business processes. The objective: to make your current processes more efficient and flexible to fully support the constant changes in the market and to support your future needs.

Solution focused thinking

Your organization and your environment are constantly changing. This brings new challenges along. Good software consultants do not avoid challenges and look beyond just technically solving your problem or issue. They think along with changes that set new requirements to the software. They provide a solution that satisfies you right now, but also in the long term.

Hems van Heek is Managing Director of Dysel and has extensive experience in assisting customers in optimal use of ERP software.

Hems van Heek

Chief Technology Officer

Hems van Heek is the founder of Dysel. From the beginning, he’s the driving force behind the business successes of Dysel. With 37 years of experience and excellent business management and IT knowledge, Hems is the perfect candidate for the position of CTO at Dysel. 

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