What is new in NAV 2017?

From October 12 to 14, the biggest Microsoft Dynamics NAV event in Europe took place in Prague: Directions EMEA. With 1754 participants from 588 companies Directions EMEA 2016 was a record-breaking Dynamics NAV event.

What triggers most visitors to come to Directions EMEA is of course an insight into new capabilities in Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 surely comes with some great new features that many customers will enjoy. I have briefly summed up what’s new in NAV 2017:

Bringing two worlds together

Microsoft comes with enhanced Office 365 experience and embedded Power BI in NAV 2017. NAV 2017 integrates with your calendar and e-mail and allows you to manually synchronize your NAV contacts to Office 365 people. Embedded Power BI comes down to calling out your Power BI from within NAV 2017. Power BI charts are embedded in the NAV client and charts can show up on, for example, your Role Centers.

Enhancing the core application and platform

Making the setup and configuration easier was one of the key topics for Microsoft in the new release NAV 2017. The introduction of Assisted Setup is the primary enhancement to facilitate this. Numerous modules have been improved as well, including Finance, Jobs and CRM. And the overall user experience, which was already great in previous NAV releases, has been further improved.

Creating new opportunities

New opportunities include Cortana Intelligence, PowerApps and Flow. But the new capabilities in Extensions is what excites people the most. Extensions was already available in NAV 2016, but the possibilities have increased significantly. With extension packages, you install, upgrade, and uninstall functionality in on-premises deployments or for select tenants in a multitenant deployment. Customers can easily add or remove horizontal or customized functionality to their solution that upgrade much easier than past solutions.

My conclusion: The success of Dynamics NAV in the SMB market is very likely to continue with NAV 2017. Powerful functionalities together with an excellent user experience makes NAV 2017 an exciting solution to support your business processes and grow your organization.    

Remko Gaastra is President of Dysel USA and responsible for Marketing. He discusses on a day-to-day basis the risks and challenges (potential) customers experience with software.

Remko Gaastra

Chief Executive Officer

Remko Gaastra joined Dysel in 2014 to manage Dysel North America and global marketing and sales. His previous entrepreneurial successes make Remko with over 30 years of experience in sales, business development, and management a perfect partner for anyone who wants to grow his/her business. He knows how IT can make a difference but is also aware of the risks. Since January 1, 2020, Remko is CEO at Dysel.

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