This is why you need a vertical SaaS solution

A vertical SaaS solution is scalable and offers functionality that perfectly fits the niche market in which your company operates. This provides you with a business system with industry-specific functionality that has the flexibility to cope with the growth of your company and future developments.

The difference between horizontal and vertical software

Horizontal software is developed for executing the activities in one specific department or for one specific process as well as possible. Consider, for example, a planning program, a rental system or an accounting program. This software can be used by companies in various industries. However, with horizontal software you miss the helicopter view over all departments. Vertical solutions focus on a specific industry and meet the company-wide needs. The industry knowledge of the software partner is incorporated into the system, giving you the tools to tackle the specific challenges in the industry and take advantage of the specific opportunities.

Software as a Service vs. On-premise software

Software as a Service has gone through an unprecedented growth in recent years. With SaaS, the software is delivered via the cloud, where the provider is responsible for managing the software. It brings advantages such as a low initial investment, lower costs and work on IT and hardware, SaaS is often easy to implement and very well secured. With on-premise software, you choose to run the software on your own infrastructure, which usually gives you more control over the data and security and possibly lower costs in the long run.

"While large organizations such as Microsoft and Google have dominated the market for many years in the field of widely deployable SaaS applications, this does not apply to SaaS solutions in niche markets."

Vertical SaaS: specific and scalable

While large organizations such as Microsoft and Google have dominated the market for many years in the field of widely deployable SaaS applications, this does not apply to SaaS solutions in niche markets. Presumably because they have fewer chances of making a lot of profit here. Smaller software vendors have jumped in here. They specialize in a niche market and offer the benefits of both vertical software and SaaS. This gives you a system that:

  • Seamlessly connects to the requirements and wishes of your industry, a proven successful solution for your type of organization, with excellent opportunities to respond to future developments in the industry. (Vertical)
  • Has low start-up costs, is easy to implement, has manageable and transparent costs, can be easily maintained and upgraded, is well secured, is scalable and flexible in the case of growth and changes in your business. (SaaS)

The best choice: Business Central from your industry specialist

And if you choose a vertical SaaS solution for your company, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an extremely good choice. Business Central is very popular among SMBs for its powerful technology platform and great user experience. And there is always a Microsoft partner with specialism in your industry who can implement, maintain and support Business Central including connected applications at your organization.

Philip van Kemenade

Marketing Manager

Philip van Kemenade completed his Marketing Management studies at Tilburg University in 2010 and has been working for Dysel since 2011. As Marketing Manager he is responsible for the branding, appearance and proposition of Dysel. Due to his extensive experience in helping equipment dealers, he knows the challenges in the industry and he works every day on aligning Dysel's products and services to the requirements and wishes of the customer.

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